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Who was Pauli Murray

Pauli Murray struggled with his sense of gender identity and his sexual attraction to women. Today, he identifies as a trans man in terms of his transgender identity. In this article you will find the collection of American Civil rights activist Pauli Murray quotes.

Murray is one of the key figures in African-American civil rights history of the 20th century, but she is not well known in academic circles. Educated by William Howard Hastings and Leon Ransom Howard, she witnessed her early legal strategy to combat the “separate but equal” doctrine that forced states to put black institutions on an equal footing with their white counterparts and integrate white institutions when they did not. Pauli Murray was an American civil rights activist turned lawyer, women’s rights activist, bishop and author.

In 1977, she was the first African-American woman to be ordained bishop and the first time a woman was ordained in the church. Pauli was born in Baltimore, Maryland, as a young orphan and grew up with her maternal grandparents in Durham, North Carolina. She wrote many of the earliest Nows documents and contributed visionary declarations of intent.

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Life Introduction

Anna Pauline Pauli Murray was born in Baltimore, Maryland and grew up primarily in Durham, North Carolina with her maternal grandparents, Robert and Cornelia Fitzgerald, and her maternal aunt, Pauline Fitzgerald. By the time Murray reached puberty, she had lost her parents and grew up with her grandparents and aunts in Durham. At the age of 16 she moved to New York City and attended Hunter College, graduating in 1933 with a Bachelor of Arts in English.

After graduating from Hillsdale High School in Durham, North Carolina, a historically black school in North Carolina, Murray moved to New York City to continue her education and improve her chances of obtaining a college degree.

Being female, she was unable to attend her first choice, Columbia University, and was the first woman not to receive a diploma from her undergraduate studies until 1987. Unable to afford Columbia’s sister school, Barnard College, she enrolled at Hunter College, which she called the poor girls Radcliffe, where she got a bachelor of english in 1933.

At Howard University she experienced sexualism and coined the term “Jane Crow” to describe the discrimination she faced as a woman. She understood how gender, race and gender identity overlapped to multiply discrimination. Murray is a woman who deserves more recognition than her own time.

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Quotes of Pauli Murray

When a black woman falls victim to the twin immorality of Jim Crow and Jane Crow, she must face them alone and realize that sexual bias is as powerful as racial bias.

No one on this earth has attained enlightenment without an enlightened Master guiding him, and he has led the enlightened in many previous incarnations.

Quotes by Pauli Murray

Life must be known to God as the good work of people who have never lost or forgotten Him.

It’s the corners you cut that count.

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Nowhere man can hide from danger. Where there is danger, there is safety.

All our fears are irrelevant if we look at the things that can stunt happiness.

Pauli Murray Quotes
Pauli Murray Quotes

We are all in the same boat when it comes to finding love, health and wellbeing.

Pauli Murray Quotes 2
Pauli Murray Quotes

Find the thing in your heart that you love.

Quotes by Pauli Murray

Pauli Murrays is a person of our times and a source of inspiration and encouragement for justice, equality and dignity for all. In the decades since her death in 1985, people have learned more and more about her life. Her writings were reprinted and new books about her life were written.

As followers of Jesus we are called to witness the Gospel Vision of Dignity and Justice for all people. We are called, like Pauli Murray, to fight without violence against oppression, violence and injustice in our nation. In other words, if he fails, he will see the thesis on which he operated confirmed.

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