Collection of Best 26 Raindrops Quotes to Enjoy the Monsoon

Enjoy rainy days and find a deeper meaning in life with these best raindrops quotes. We love these romantic rainy day quotes, perfect for spending time in the rain with your loved ones. Rainy Day Quotes can remind you of the comfort of reading indoors while enjoying the sound of rain. These happy rain quotes perfectly describe the best aspects of being out in the rain.

There are some rain and coffee quotes mixed with rainy day quotes and also some rainy day quotes. Let’s celebrate the rains by taking a look at these rain quotes which also includes a few rain sentences and a couple of quotes about the cold. Let us know in the comments below if we missed a rain quote that should be added.

Best 26 Raindrops Quotes

“If a raindrop falling into the ocean, the ocean were perceived as a person sees himself, then the raindrop would be a drop of water stuck in the ocean, although in fact the raindrop is the ocean.”

Let the rain inspire you to make the changes you want.

Every falling raindrop is accompanied by an angel, because even a raindrop is a manifestation of being.

best raindrops quote

Let the unexpected roll away from you like raindrops from your bedroom window.

You act like a raindrop; it falls into a pond, ripples, and ends.

Personal and collective awakening is the same: when a raindrop merges with the sea, the sea also merges with the raindrop.

Not a single drop of rain is responsible for the flood.

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All that a rainbow is is the light that follows the raindrop and its colors fall.

best raindrops quotes

We all know that there would be no life on earth without rain.

We have all gone through that part of our lives where the rains came to us as a body of relief.

Although rain can bring happiness, there are times when this phenomenon can cause suffering to others.

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Monsoon Quotes and Thoughts

“Insidious are the paths along which a long love can go, like the spiral curves of a raindrop on a window pane.”

We all agree that sometimes happiness is just a walk in the rain or a dance in the rain.

Just think of any negativity that comes your way as a raindrop falling into the ocean of your bliss.

I love you because no two snowflakes are the same and you can stand on tiptoe and walk among the raindrops.

I want your sun to touch my raindrops so that your warmth can lift my soul up like a cloud.

best raindrops quotes

Maybe Galen would actually try to kiss her even if I rained down on her.

The power of love can turn rain into many sparkling prisms.

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Best Raindrops Quotes

“It’s like someone empties their pockets on the ground and doesn’t seem to care where the contents fall, like they don’t care that raindrops burst when they hit the ground, that they break when they hit the ground, that people I swear by the days when drops dare to knock on their doors.”

When it rains, it hydrates the whole world and can make even a dirty old street look beautiful and shiny.

While others may talk about the meaning of rain, let’s not forget its humorous side.

I spend a lot of time in Los Angeles, and when it rains there, two days of annual rainfall falls, raindrops the size of mangoes.

Whenever it rains, I remember him not as a tear falling like a raindrop, but as a god of fertility.

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I am a raindrop. My parents emptied their pockets of raindrops. Mine and I were allowed to evaporate on a concrete slab. Clouds come into my life from days gone by, no longer to rain or herald a storm, but to color my sky at sunset.

If we knew that today we would go blind, we would take one last look at every blade of grass, every cloud, every speck of dust, every rainbow, every drop of rain, everything.

Like raindrops from the sky, people can pass through the circle of the radiant arc and make it shine; but when they sink back into the earth, the magnificent arch continues to furrow the sky and shines magnificently.

best raindrops quotes

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