47 Couple status in English to share with your partner

If you’re looking for romantic quotes, check out Couple status in the English collection of romantic love quotes. These are the perfect way to show your significant other how much they mean to you.

47 Couple status in English

When you love someone, it’s not about their flaws. It’s about their heart.

If your lover is always hurt, it may mean that you are the one who is hurting them.

Love isn’t something you find, it’s something you build with your whole heart.

The best way to love someone is to let them go when they need to be let go.

Love is not just a noun, it’s an adjective too: it’s loving someone when they don’t deserve it.

The love of your life is the person who can walk into your house and make it feel like home.

No one should love you for who you are, but for how you make them feel.

You can only put up with a person for so long. You can only take so much of them. – couple status in English

You have to know when it’s time to let someone go, because you might not ever get a second chance.

If you love someone, and they love you back, then that’s enough. That’s all anyone needs in this world.

Couple status in English

Lovers quotes and captions

I love you more than you’ll ever know.

You are my world, and I love everything about you.

I love you because of the way it feels when you hold me in your arms and kiss me like I’m the only one who matters in this whole
wide world.

I don’t care if we never talk again as long as we can be together forever.

I love you more than I can say. You are my life, and my world, and I couldn’t be more grateful that we’re together. You’re the person who makes me a better person and has made me the woman I am today. I feel like I could tell you anything and you would understand me, because we are so well matched. If I could speak to the stars above and ask them for one thing, it would be for you to stay with me forever. You make me want to be a better person every day—you show me what love is really like and how much better it can make me.

You don’t get married to be alone. You get married because you love someone and want to spend the rest of your life with them.

When you’re with the right person, every day is a party—and every party is different! – couple status in English

It’s not always about how much money you make. Sometimes it’s about how much fun you have together.

We’re all different, and we all have our own ways of doing things. But the most important thing is to be happy with yourself—and if that means having a little bit more on your plate, that’s okay!

Couple status in English

I want to know everything about you. I want all of your secrets and all of your fears. I want all of your hopes and dreams for the future, too. And when we’re together, I want us to be able to talk about everything—even if sometimes it makes us cry because we’re laughing so hard!

Life is short and full of surprises, but one thing’s for sure: even though there will be ups and downs in our relationship, at the end of it all, there will always be this one thing that we can count on: each other!

If you love someone, set them free. If they return, it was meant to be.

You’re not just my life partner. You’re my soulmate.

I love you more than anyone has ever loved anyone before, and I don’t think I can ever stop loving you.

When I see your face, I feel like everything is perfect.

I love how we’re always together, even if we’re apart for just a little while.

When you hold me in your arms, it feels like we’re the only two people left in the world. – couple status in English

Love is not a word, it’s a feeling. A feeling that can only be described as the rush of blood to your cheeks, the butterflies in your stomach, and the sweet relief of knowing you’re safe with someone.

The best things in life are not things. They are people.

Life partner quotes and captions

Life is short, break the rules. Forgive quickly, live fast, and never regret anything that makes you happy.

You’re going to find out who you really are when you get knocked down. You’re going to find out what you’re made of when things start falling apart around you. And then one day, everything will be okay again… because you’ll be stronger than ever before!

I don’t know how to be your life partner, but I do know how to be your best friend. – couple status in English

I’m not sure what it means to be your life partner, but I think it’s important that you know that I’ll always be here for you.

You are my best friend, and I’m glad we got this chance to begin this journey together.

A couple is like a couple. They’re not just two people who happen to be married, they’re two people who have to work together all the time.

A friend is someone who knows all about you, but keeps it to themselves.

The two most important things in a relationship are: The ability to laugh at yourself, and the ability to be vulnerable with the other person and tell them what you need from them. – couple status in English

There are times when I wonder if I’ll ever find a love like yours, but then you come along and turn my world upside down. My heart beats so fast when I see you, and all the other girls seem so drab in comparison.

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Couple status in English

You’re the one who makes me feel like everything’s possible, even if it seems impossible. You make me want to live up to my potential…and keep trying harder than I ever have before!

You’re my life partner, and that means more to me than anything else ever could. You make me feel like the luckiest girl in the world because you’re here with me every day. – couple status in English

Love is a force that nothing can withstand.

Love is a fruit that grows from the seeds of kindness, peace, joy and understanding.

Love is like a butterfly, it must be chased.

Love is like a dreamless sleep, you wake up and you’re still asleep.

Life is a maze of love and loss. The heart’s a dangerous place to hide, but so is love!

Couples are the hardest people to shop for.

Love is like a friendship caught on fire. In the beginning it is a flame, very small and flickering. But as it grows and begins to consume a room, people get involved. They are drawn to its warmth, they want to see it happily concluded. As they get more involved they want to add their fuel to the flames. And so love becomes a blaze that can never be contained.

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