Collection of 39 Ego status in English to share online

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39 Ego status in English

You can’t go through life being a victim.

You can’t control other people, but you can control how you react to them.

When you’re a movie star, you never have to lift a finger to succeed.

Ego is the most dangerous thing in the world. It makes men believe they’re more than they are, it makes them act like it.

There’s a difference between being confident and being arrogant. Confidence is when you’re in control of your thoughts and actions, but arrogance is when you assume that you’re right just because you’ve been wronged. – ego status in English

If you want to do something big, then go do it! Don’t let others tell you how to live your life or how to accomplish your goals because they’ll never understand what it takes to be successful. You can be confident without having an ego—just don’t let it get in the way of your vision!

Don’t let people tell you what they think about you because their opinion doesn’t matter—only yours does! An ego will always distract from the path you’re on by telling you that what everyone else thinks about you doesn’t matter at all… but guess what? It does! – ego status in English

Don’t worry about other people’s opinions of yourself—you only have one life, so why waste any time worrying about what other people think? They’ll never know how hard (or easy) it is for YOU anyway, so why bother thinking about it? Just live your best life possible and

I’m not always right, but I’m never wrong.

You should always be proud of who you are, even when no one else is.

ego status in English

Arrogance captions and status

The more you love yourself, the less you’ll love anyone else.

You don’t have to be arrogant to be proud. You just have to be yourself.

If you can’t be the best, be the second best.

I’m not a man. I’m a collection of experiences. Dissect me, and you’ll find out that most of me’s been dead for years.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but no one is entitled to their own facts. – ego status in English

When you are self righteous, you are truly arrogant. When you are full of yourself, you cannot be humble.

A person without pride is like a tree without roots. He can grow only when he has someone to support him.

You’re the only one who can love me. I’m so proud of myself. It’s not about how much money you have, but how much you spend.

Arrogance is the enemy of confidence.

Arrogance is a form of ignorance, and ignorance leads to a lack of knowledge and experience.

Pride captions and status

Ego is not a bad thing—in fact, it can be a good thing if you use it properly. But ego can also be destructive, so don’t let yourself get too inflated.

People who are proud of their accomplishments are usually better off than people who are proud of their egos. – ego status in English

You can’t be great at something you don’t love.

Ego is a dangerous thing, but it’s also a powerful one. It can help you get where you want to be, but it can also lead you down a path of destruction if you let it.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Ego is great for getting things done, but it won’t help you when things get tough. If you don’t know what to do, ask someone who does!

The best way to make sure your ego doesn’t get the better of you is to remember that your ego is just an opinion—one that isn’t always accurate or even correct. – ego status in English

You are not a victim. You are a survivor.

I am not ashamed of my ego, but I am ashamed of my arrogance.

Belief in yourself is a muscle that gets stronger each time you use it.

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Ego status in English

The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it.

I have never yet been able to find out what any man was good for, except those who are good for nothing at all.

The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.

I have a very high self esteem.

I don’t need anyone’s approval.

Ego is a disease of the most arrogant and prideful people.

Ego is the most dangerous of all diseases because it’s invisible, but it can be cured by humility. – ego status in English

A person who does not have an ego is like a diamond that has been polished so much that it has no edges.

Ego is the reason we are all here, to make our mark on the world. It’s what makes us unique, and it’s what makes us beautiful.

You are an island, and the world is a sea. In the sea you have to swim, not walk.

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