59 Don’t Expect Anything from Anyone Quotes and Captions

Below, you will find a compilation of motivational, happy, and encouraging Never Expect Nothing quotes, Don’t Expect Anything from Anyone Quotes and Captions, and Never Expect Nothing Proverbs. If you are looking for inspiring quotes to overcome your frustrations in life, work, and love, these inspiring words are going to serve you just fine. 

59 Don’t Expect Anything from Anyone Quotes and Captions

“Unless one has lived an entirely charmed life, no one of us has not faced a frustration at some time or another during their lives.”

When you are in love, you expect nothing to happen; everything that happens is fine, and almost nothing ever disappoints.

Love has nothing to do with what you are expected to receive, but what you are expected to give — which is everything.

Whatever that is, do not expect anything else of the person that you are prepared to give, but give knowing you are giving it – that is being given, so expect nothing more. – don’t expect anything from anyone quotes

Don't expect anything to anyone quote and caption

Do not even expect gratitude or gratitude, because you are giving it not so that you will receive something, even if it is gratitude.

Sometimes you have to learn where you fit in somebody elses life, because you can be hurt if you expect too much.

I cannot fathom how someone would not do something to help himself, yet be angry at another person because they did not provide them the assistance they expected, or felt entitled to.

I think that in politics, one cannot really do any feeling work, and beyond all that, policy changes come in VERY OUTSIDE of plan, sometimes in one night, when one least expects them.

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Don’t Expect Anything from Anyone Quotes and Captions

“Expecting thanks might lead to disappointment; instead, do well without expecting anything in return.”

Don’t expect accolades; not everyone notices your efforts.
Expectations lead to disappointment, so keep your hopes reasonable.
Trust actions over words; promises are frequently empty.
People evolve, so don’t expect them to stay the same.
Expectations of perfection are unrealistic; imperfections are what make us human.
Do not presume that people can read your thinking; instead, explain plainly.
Depend on yourself because not everyone will be available when you need them.
Count on your own strength; relying on others can leave you vulnerable.

Don’t Expect Anything from Anyone Quotes and Captions

“Expecting immediate results might be frustrating; instead, be patient with your progress.”

Don’t anticipate loyalty; not everyone appreciates dedication.
Life is unpredictable; be ready for unexpected turns.
Keep your dreams to yourself; not everyone will share your ambition.
Do not presume that others share your ideals; everyone has different priorities.
People have their own battles, so don’t expect them to solve yours.
Maintain your standards, but do not expect others to follow them.
Don’t expect continual attention; everyone has their own lives.
Not everyone will agree with you; be open to different points of view.

Don’t Expect Anything from Anyone Quotes and Captions

“Expecting fairness in all situations might lead to disappointment; reality is not always fair.”

Others may not repay your kindness; thus, be kind without expectations.
Don’t rely on others for happiness; instead, find it within yourself.
People have limitations, therefore don’t expect them to be perfect.
Not everyone will appreciate your efforts; do them for your own enjoyment.
Keep your plans flexible; unanticipated challenges are part of the trip.
Don’t expect instant approval; opinions vary, and that’s fine.
People may not share your urgency; be tolerant with varying timelines.

Don’t Expect Anything from Anyone Quotes and Captions

“Avoid expecting others to solve your problems; instead, take ownership of your own solutions.”

Don’t look to others to define your worth; self-esteem comes from within.
Expecting constant support can lead to disillusionment; be your own cheerleader.
People may not prioritize your needs, so learn to be self-sufficient.
Don’t assume that everyone else is as committed as you are; be prepared to go it alone.
Not everyone will notice your hardships, so celebrate your own successes.
Do not expect everyone to agree with you; difference of opinion is natural.
People may not meet your expectations; change them to avoid frustration.
Life is unpredictable, so don’t expect everything to go as planned.

Zero expectation quotes and captions

“The reason that the nation continues to drift towards socialism and large, nanny-like governments is that far too many people are voting in anticipation of getting something for nothing, rather than out of any concern for what is best for the nation.”

If we expect too much, and things do not go the way we want them to, we are left with little more than disappointment.

Our desires are ever disappointed in us; for although we encounter some thing which gives us contentment, yet it never answers fully to our expectations. – don’t expect anything from anyone quotes

People look at the weather with an expectation that eventually, it will make them happy, but you cannot really find happiness looking forward. 

As brutal as life may sometimes be, if you throw in the towel, as everyone would expect, nothing good happens, and your life falls apart.

You reach the point when you are sick and tired of being the only person trying to make things right, and that is not giving up, that is realizing that you are fed up. – don’t expect anything from anyone quotes

You make the best possible exit when reality exceeds what was imagined, it is greater than what was expected.

You will only see progress if you begin to make things, so do not expect something to come of it without effort.

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Don’t expect anything from anyone quotes

“When you ask for nothing from the world, or God, when you desire nothing, search for nothing, expect nothing, the highest condition comes uninvited, and unexpectedly, upon you.”

If you adopt other peoples expectations, particularly negative ones, you never will change your results.

There are only so many times that you can let someone let you down before you can tolerate being disappointed anymore.

Others accept the disappointment and learn from it, so that they will not feel it again in the same situation.

I like the idea of leaving a group situation for a solo world, without boundaries, without expectations, without anything being off limits.

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If I had my way, if I was fortunate, if I could live my whole life at the edge — that big feeling of anticipation and excitement, with none of the frustration — it would be a perfect state.

The past several years of my life have been just surreal, and after a lifetime of disappointments, and heartaches, and rejections, I still cannot believe it is all really happening. – don’t expect anything from anyone quotes

I was expecting nothing less complex than this, Ronald Weasley, the guy who is so stoic that you cannot appear to walk a half-inch in the hall.

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