Collection of 31 Funny single quotes and captions

The following listed one-liners are humorous, and have humor only one person could understand best. Such fun single quotes are those which go to show that being single is no big deal at all. Funny single quotes for guys are simply a perfect way of saying that you are single and happy. Telling a single joke is just the first step in telling the world you are single and loving it.

31 Funny single captions

The best one-liners about being single are often about the pains of being single and having to go through everything by yourself, when there is so much enjoyment that you could be having with a significant other.

If you are single, then no worries, just enjoy living your life on your own instead of being in fucking relationships that cause lots of grief (not all of them).

When you are single and you are not willing to mix, you are not opening your heart for love and relationships.

funny single quotes

Until you are comfortable being single, you never know whether you are choosing someone because of love or loneliness.

funny single quote and caption

We must make peace with the prospect of years of loneliness to have any chance at good relationships, otherwise, we will like not being single anymore more than we will like a partner who lets us be.

If you are truly going to be happily single, you need to stop treating being single as an irritating period that you go through in-between relationships, and embrace it.

Being single is not the time to look for love, use this time to work on yourself and grow as a person.

Also, being single may help you to get away from false relationships and take pride in living life alone.

After all, being single can also be a cause for celebration – as opposed to what our nosy friends and relatives want us to believe.

funny single quotes

The status of being single has become pretty accepted these days, and being single is pretty cool nowadays, and people get that pretty good.

Being single is not only a status that you have to update on social media, it is also a way to live on your terms, without any restrictions, with each second being filled with freedom into your precious life.

Singlehood captions and sayings

Single life means that this is what you get a lot of perspectives in your life, leading to the bigger-than-life type of lifestyle which is owned by a few people on this planet.

Sometimes, the well of jokes and humor runs dry, and you need to lean on quotes that you either know or have heard of before.

Just enjoy your status as a single person, and do not worry about any outside comments that might influence you.

Considering that single folks must put up with going to innumerable weddings and engagement parties, it is fitting we should at least have one day.

funny single quotes

Don’t limit yourself in the relationship, just enjoy your singlehood.

Single boys are bundle of so many rejections.

It can be quite difficult to get all the feelings you feel for this person and for your relationship out in words. Your relationships are just how you feel about other people in your life.

How you allow those relationships to flow and grow has huge impacts on happiness, both in your own life and in the lives of those you care about.

Over the course of your life, you are going to experience a lot of different types of relationships.

funny single quotes

Despite all this, couples always find ways to keep their relationships working, and not walk away from one another.

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Funny single quotes

If you want to have a great relationship with your partner, become an awesome partner.

Do not abandon the relationship simply because it has problems.

If things are not working in the relationship, be brave enough, respectful enough, and tell your partner how you feel.

When there is nobody to talk to, sad yet inspiring quotes about love are comforting.

What is worse is we do not always know when someone we love is really not good for us.

A bad love may make you broken down, wishing you would never known this person to begin with.

Look, the best thing you can do, from what I see, is to find someone who loves you exactly as you are.

Remember, how your relationship ends does not define you, and happiness can be found in a million different ways — sometimes, right around the corner, totally divorced from love.

funny single quotes

Your journey does not start and end with one relationship, nor does it end when the other person leaves your life.

We must make peace with the prospect of years of loneliness to have any chance at good relationships, otherwise, we will cherish not being more alone than we cherish a partner who has spared us being one.

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