Don’t Hurt Anyone quotes will help you mind your tongue and action

Every one of us in this world has similar feelings and hearts so we should be aware of the consequences of our words and deeds. Don’t hurt anyone by your words or deeds. But sometimes you need to hurt someone to be what you are. How will you determine whether it’s time to hurt or love? The following collection of Don’t Hurt Anyone quotes will help you mind your tongue and action.

27 Don’t Hurt Anyone quotes

I’m not oblivious to how I’m seen; I just don’t care. Unless I’ve done anything that’s truly harmful to someone’s feelings. That is something that I am concerned about.

I want to believe you, but if that’s the case, I’m not sure I believe you. Why does loving someone imply that you must also hurt them? I mean, what’s the point of loving someone if that’s the case?

I don’t like thinking about how that made her feel. It causes her pain. I’m sure it still happens; I’m just not around to see it, and I’m not interested in focusing on it. It’s only natural. You miss the individuals you still care about, and you don’t want to see them in pain, angry, or humiliated.

I’m not a big fan of hope. Actually, I despise it. It’s the ecstasy of feelings. It catches you quickly and kills you quickly. It’s not good news. The absolute worst. Sharp sticks and cherry bombs are the order of the day. When hope appears, it’s only a matter of time before someone is injured.

It is none of your business if someone is hurting within himself because of a simple jealousy over your success expedition. You don’t lower yourself to please those who envious you.

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If someone says, “I’m not going to injure you” or “I’m not a creep, ” they are almost certainly lying. Non Creeps aren’t obligated to say it all of the time.

Don’t Hurt Anyone quotes

Sven! ! It’s natural for Eve to have you near her… It’s a requirement! When someone so significant simply vanishes, you don’t just feel betrayed; you feel as if you’re dying.

You don’t allow yourself to be injured so that you can name the agony.

Allowing your tears to be visible may jeopardize someone else’s happiness.

It’s far too risky to put one’s heart in the hands of someone else. It never ends nicely, in my opinion.

Everyone’s pain is unique, “Reece continued. “I dislike it when people make comparisons. I don’t like it when individuals push their sentiments to the side because they believe they aren’t allowed to have them. Someone will always have a more difficult time than you. Does this imply that you aren’t allowed to be hurt? To be depressed?

Don’t Hurt Anyone quotes

When you say ‘control freak, ‘ ‘OCD, ‘ and ‘organized, ‘ you’re implying that I’m a cold person, which I’m not. When it comes to letting people in, I’m really open. However, I prefer my home to be tidy, and I avoid making large messes that may cause harm to others.

You may place your trust in someone who later proves to be untrustworthy. There are a lot of things in life that don’t come out the way you think they will. And I believe it’s all a bit of a fraud. But I believe we’ve all been harmed.

Don’t Hurt Anyone quotes

That’s the thing about relationships, I realized: it doesn’t mean we don’t harm each other; we’re only human, after all. If you love someone, though, you will be harmed and forgiven. And you will be forgiven.

Regrets are a part of life. Don’t allow your regrets to stem from hurting someone you care about. Keep it to a bare minimum. It’s hard enough to have to support them for a single lifetime. It’s awful to carry them through thousands of people.

You don’t always have to be mean to harm someone, Jack.

When I go to bed at night, I feel relieved that I have not caused anyone any harm. And if I believe I have, I will make amends. I’ve decided that no one has the right to make me feel horrible about myself. They won’t be able to make me feel horrible about myself if I refuse to let them.

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Never Hurt Sayings and Captions

When you don’t know the faces or names of the individuals you might harm, it’s simple to justify your actions. When it comes to abstracts, it’s really easy to pick yourself over someone else.

You can’t be with someone only to avoid hurting him. You’ve got your own pleasure to consider.

I understand that when you talk about anything that could hurt someone, there will be reactions, and you will be tapping on some nerves… But I don’t do things just because people like them.

But I also think that when you do good to others, good will come back to you. So be a friend if you don’t have one. Make someone else’s day if you’re having a poor day. If your feelings have been harmed, try to help someone else.

If you don’t have the blessing of a loving and supporting family, be that blessing for someone else. It doesn’t have to be a family member; it may be anyone you know who is lonely or hurting over the holidays.

Don’t Hurt Anyone quotes

I write from the depths of my spirit. This is why critics do not harm me, since I am the one who is hurting them. This may upset my world if it wasn’t me, if I was pretending to be someone else, but I know who I am.

You don’t want to hurt someone you care about, even if they deserve to be hurt. When you love someone, even if they don’t deserve it, you want to hurt them.

You can forgive practically anything from someone. But you can’t put up with everything… We don’t have to put up with what others do just because we forgive them. Forgiveness helps us to heal on a personal level. Tolerance for everything just serves to harm us all in the long run.

Don’t Hurt Anyone quotes

Don’t be frightened to speak your mind. It’s preferable to harm someone with the truth rather than make them happy with lies.

What does it hurt the most? It’s when someone treated you with respect yesterday and now treats you as if you don’t exist.

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