Collection of 29 Double standard quotes and captions

Forget the manifestations of oppression and take the first steps towards change by understanding what is happening in society with these double standard quotes. This quotes are gathered form various sources and sayings of some great influencers, celebrities and authors. These are not our thoughts and we are not here to defame any gender, caste, creed, religion, nation, person or identity here this is work for pure education.

These hypocritical quotes will help you see through hypocrites and not become hypocrites yourself. These hypocritical quotes were supposed to help you deal with hypocrites more effectively. These smug quotes show what it is that turns people into hypocrites and what that means to us as humans. After reading these self-righteous quotes, don’t forget to check out our collection of false quotes as well. join our facebook page for More valuable posts.

29 Double standard quotes

“The fact that, when it comes to highlighting these double standards, women are far more likely to have double standards that negatively affect them, are listened to or taken seriously… whenever a man points out how much double standards affect them, or laugh at them.”

Damn, I don’t believe in double standards, men can get away with things women can’t.

Say one thing, do another, of course this country is built on double standards.

In all societies, women are in double danger; on the one hand, we are expected to conform to certain emotional standards in our dealings with others on pain of being labeled crazy; on the other hand, our political views are called “irrational” and “hysterical.”

Misogyny is worse, or just said stop whining… or shut up and act like a man. – double standard quotes

Examples of double standards between blacks and whites are all around us, several times a day.

If a man hitting a woman is abuse, then a woman hitting a woman is still abuse.

The old American double standards will continue in this world as long as the woman whose husband has been seduced is sympathetic to the compassionate tears of other women, and the man whose wife has run away is ridiculed by other men.

When a man falls in love, we always blame the woman, as if no man has the courage to have his tendencies.

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Hypocrisy captions and sayings

These smug quotes serve as an analysis of the human heart and our tendencies as human beings in society.

Ordinary hypocrites pretend to be pigeons; political and literary hypocrites pretend to be eagles.

Hypocrites are people who say one thing and do another.

There are people who laugh to show their beautiful teeth; and there are those who scream to show their good heart.

Remember, everyone has been a hypocrite at least once in their life, someone realizes his hypocrisy, and someone doesn’t at all, and categorically refuses to see him as a hypocrite.

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If opinionated hypocrisy is reported, they will belittle and scold rather than apologize, admit their hypocrisy, or admit to any crime.

The duality of hypocrisy makes hypocrites the worst of falsehoods. It’s amazing how much panic an honest man can sow among so many hypocrites. – double standard quotes

A dishonest person deceives and deceives, and a hypocrite deceives and deceives.

Sincerity makes the smallest person more valuable than the most talented hypocrite.

A hypocrite is a politician who cuts down a red tree, then climbs a stump and makes a speech about protecting the environment.

Recognizing this can change your life and see hypocrites in a whole new light.

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Double standard quotes

“We have double standards, that is, a man can show how much he cares by insulting him – you see, he’s jealous, he cares – a woman shows how much he cares about her and how willing she is to hurt her; it How long will it take; how long will it last? Is she ready to kill herself? Women do the same thing, mind you, she’s an outcast.”

Let’s hope that with a woman president, the old American double standards will slowly start to disappear.

Some explanation may still be needed, but many more women keep their birth names (and don’t use their maiden names, with all the double standards of sexuality that entails). – double standard quotes

Slavery cannot be abolished without double emancipation, and masters benefit more from liberty than free men. 

Freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of religion have two aspects: freedom of thought and freedom of action.

A person who betrays an entire city will not hesitate to deceive a person.

Children have what I call a built-in hypocrisy antenna that goes up and blocks what you say when you are hypocritical.

Hypocrisy in everything that can deceive the most intelligent and shrewd person, but the least intelligent of children recognizes it and is disgusted by it, no matter how ingeniously it may be disguised. – double standard quotes

Hypocrisy is the most difficult and disturbing vice a person can pursue it requires constant vigilance and a rare detachment.

Hypocrisy is madness; for it is much easier, safer, and more pleasant to be what one looks like than to remain what one is not.

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