Write An Effective Essay with Essay Structure Example.

What is the Ideal Structure Essay Example?

When I was in School I use to write essay and I love to take part in school essay competition because I was fascinated with essay writing. I won so many prize in my school time then I am talking about 2012 and I am following him Modi from his CM days and I changed my school and I wrote many essays back then. Well you might thinking why I am talking about Modi ji here? Well if you want to understand Structure essay than stick with this article till end coz I am going to explain you the Essay Structure Example with the help of Modi ji in this article and if you want to read my other articles than click here.

Well I am not a Kunal Kmra, I am not going to disrespect Modi ji here, I am just using his name to elaborate the very important topic here by using Mr. Prime Minister Name here. Well We all know who Mr. Modi is? Right! So Let’s Began

Modi Ji Method – Structure Essay Example.

Well here Modi Means – M- Meaningful, O – Originality/Opinion (what you personally think about it), D – Descriptive, I – Informational. If you remember this Modi Method while writing your Essay you will be able to write a wonderful essay for in your school competition or in college.

Well “Ji” is used for show respect towards him because we are Indians and we have to respect our elders. Yea I am Describing this topic further.

M – Meaningful

Meaningful is the first characteristic of a structure essay because Meaning is only main factor what a reader searching in each and every essay and being a good essay writer you have to write a meaningful essay with some humor so reader stick with your essay. Writing a meaningful essay means that you are dedicated to give a quality in your writing so always try to write a meaningful essay.

O – Originality/Opinion

Originality comes from your opinion so whenever you write from your perspective and what you think about that particular topic it will become more original then ever, because every opinion matters and there are less chance that what you are thinking right now some one else also thinking same thing in word to word. It is almost impossible to copy your thoughts in word no one can does except you. So write a original Essay and it is also a cool example of structure essay.

D – Descriptive

That describes somebody/something, especially in a skilful or interesting way. We all know what is means and trust me read this lines loud and clear and you will able to write more skilful content in interesting way. By the way another example or method of structure essay is write an Essay in Descriptive manner so your reader can enjoy and feel the intent of that Essay.

I – Informational

From the beginning of the human existence we survive because of information, information of food, shelter, fire, water, humans and mother nature. So use this most important thing in your Essay and Write an Informational Essay so every line contains a amount of information so your reader can get a bunch of knowledge from you as said in family man 2, “You can become knowledgeable from other’s knowledge.” So Educate your readers and rock the Essay comp.

Secrets of Essay Writing : Bonus

  1. Write as you speak, YES you read it write, people love to read as the way of they speak and this is the biggest secret.
  2. Write for Reader’s perspective not for Examiner’s perspective.
  3. Write to express your words not to show.
  4. BeYouNick
  5. While writing an Essay, think about what you can do or contribute to change the scenario. Now you might be thinking about parts of an Essay…..

Are the 5 Parts of an Essay is enough?

Generally there are 5 Parts in Essay writing as Introduction, writer’s arguments, counter arguments, refutation and conclusion. But I want to add two more as I use this parts in my School time. First one is Citations and second one is Transitions.

Citations : If your Essay incorporates research, be sure to give credit to each source using in-text citations and a Works Cited/References/Bibliography page. Refer to the MLA Format, APA Format, or Turabian Format handout for help with this.

Transitions : connect paragraphs to each other and to the thesis. They are used within and between paragraphs to help the paper flow from one topic to the next. These transitions can be one or two words (“first,” “next,” “in addition,” etc.) or one or two sentences that bring the reader to the next main point. The topic sentence of a paragraph often serves as a transition. (See the Transitions handout for further information.)

If you want to use this in your Essays than you are free to use but if you are not using this in your essays then it is fair enough. It’s totally depends on you. weather

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