Hi Google Kaise ho Aap? – हाई गूगल कैसे हो आप?

Hi Google Kaise ho Aap?

Hi Google kaise ho aap is the Hinglish term of Hey! Google how are you. Well we all know that India is the world’s no.1 English Speaking country but Hindi is the primary language of India and there are 130 crores people out there. Not all Indian’s speak English here and majority use to speak Hindi and they use to say Kese ho aap? so when they search on google assistant they generally treat google assistant as they are speaking to a real person. Suppose you are visiting India and your name is Sam so an Indian will question you like this ” Hi Sam Kaise ho aap?” just like here goes “Hi Google Kese ho aap?”

Hi Google Kaise ho aap? – Explanation

  1. Hi means same hello
  2. Google means Google
  3. Kaise means “how”
  4. ho means “Are” (here verb)
  5. Aap means “YOU”

So in Hi google kese ho aap there is one interesting thing we have to remember is that AAP is use for elderly person or to show respect and we Indian are use to give respect to nature, stone. tree and even cow we give respect to google by saying “AAP”

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What’s the reason behind asking such question to google?

Hi Google kese ho aap is nothing but an Indian version of Hey Google that’s it. But In India we Indians love to do things uniquely and google also love this. As you know google also started responding in Hindi and many assistants like Alexa and Google home answer in Hindi language so we love to play with our beautiful Google Assistant by Asking such cute questions. So Next time if you have any question to Google try to say Hi Google Kese ho aap?

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Hi Google kaise ho aap? in English.

In English It means Hi Google How are you? Yes you read it right. As I mentioned above that we use both language at same such as Hindi and English for search. Indian Search on google in both language. You know Google is so supportive for Indians as it provides us Hindi and English result for our search query. So next time say Hi google kaise ho aap? instead of hi google how are you? hahaha thanks for reading.

Hello Google Kese ho aap or try hello google tum kahan rehte ho? is same thing but (Kaise is kese) are both same thing so you don’t have to worried about term. Enjoy

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