Excess of everything is bad quotes to le to Greed

Inspirational people come from all types of occupations and walks of life. Below, you will find a compilation of motivational, insightful, and uplifting quotes about – excess of everything is bad, greedy sayings. Below is our collection of motivating, knowledgeable, and thought-provoking greed captions and sayings, collected from various sources throughout the years. This collection of insightful captions about greed will help you curb any self-serving tendencies. Philosophers, writers, politicians, and just about everybody have something to say about greed.

27 Excess of everything is bad quotes

“Let us make it abundantly clear from the start that greed is operating within a free marketplace, just as a host of other ills are found everywhere that humanity exists in this life.”

No man is born greedy, biased, bigoted, patriotic, and hateful; greed is a learned behavior pattern.

Greed is no more central to economic freedom than lust or pride is to marriage or ministry.

Greed is defined as an individuals intense, self-serving desire for something.

Greed is the uncontrollable drive to acquire or exploit more material goods (whether foodstuffs, money, land, or animated/inanimate property); or for social values, such as status, or power. – excess of everything is bad quotes

Greed becomes an issue when one has enough, and is willing to do almost anything to obtain more.

Greed is a fat fiend with a tiny mouth, and no matter what you feed him, he will never eat enough.

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The reason that greed or avarice is one of the deadly sins is because it slays souls so much that it replaces things with God of this world as an object of worship, and enticements men to commit other moral transgressions in its wake. The greedy cause strife, but those who trust in the Lord prosper.

Downstream, downriver on the same river of life, our children will pay for our selfishness, for our greed, for our lack of vision.

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Greed quotes and captions

“We are all guilty of greed, no worries, but the key is managing your greed, realizing when you are craving for more, and restraining it there before letting it get in control.”

There will be selfishness, and greed, and corruption, and narrowness, and intolerance, on the earth tomorrow, and tomorrow after that.

Kindness, love, patience, understanding, and oneness will grow in our service, and intolerance, jealousy, envy, greed, and selfishness will diminish or fade.

The Earth provides just enough for each persons needs, but not for each persons greed.

It is about us and our greed, our need to grow, and our failure to envision a world that is not like the self-serving one that we live in today. – excess of everything is bad quotes

In cultivating generosity, we are just oppressing our greed and our attachments.

Neither fear nor self-interest is without sin, and cannot transform the soul.

I have never been greedy, but I have always been a greedier person than the average.

Greed is good, greed is bad. Greedy people are not bad; they’re just greedy.

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Excess of everything is bad quotes

“Greed is a cancer. It’s greed that makes us believe we can have more than we need, and it’s greed that makes us believe we are entitled to more than we have. It’s greed that leads us to believe that if we just have the right connections or if we win the lottery, everything will be okay.”

A man who has nothing to do with his own past is pretty much in the same position as someone who has been asleep for several years.

Greed is a terrible thing to be, It’s like a cancer. You feel it growing inside you, But you can’t stop it from spreading.

Greed is the most dangerous of all vices, for it corrupts the soul.

The more we have, the less of it we want.

It is not how much money you make but how much fun you have while you’re making it.

Greed is not good. It is a disease that feeds on itself, and destroys the lives of those who are greedy. – excess of everything is bad quotes

Greed is a disease, and it eats away at our souls until there’s nothing left of who we are.

People who have too much are never satisfied. It’s just a fact.

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