Google tum kahan rehte ho? – Question to Google Assistant

Well this question “Google tum kahan rehte ho?” is one of the most asked question in google search index by Indians. Well You might be thinking that why people are searching for it? Well I must tell you this question is frequently asked by Google assistant on daily basis and according google search volume data for the year of 2020-21 “Google tum kahan rehte ho?” was asked 185000 times in a single year.

Can you imaging the creativity level of Indians? This question shows us that how creative and Funny we Indians are? Well You may heard of Google Assistant if not it’s a per installed system like siri or Alexa in our Android phone which answers all your questions of human beings.

Google tum kahan rehte ho?

Here we are going to tell that if you tell google that “Google tum kahan rehte ho”, then what does Google give your answer to this question.

Friends google assistant is an app where you can talk to google. And you can ask google what is my name, google what is my birthday, google what is your name. You can ask questions like these from google.

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What is the google assistant app?

Google tum kahan rehte ho? If you have google assistant app in your mobile, then say ok google and you can easily access the Google assistant Service and ask you funny or serious question with Miss or Mr. Assistant. If you havn’t downloaded yet then Install it.

After downloading, you have to open the Google app and after opening there will be a mic button at the bottom, you have to press on it “Google where do you live”. After that waiting and seeing what the answer only gives you instead of its question.

Google tum kahan rehte ho? answer on google assistant

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Google tum kahan rehte ho? which simply means hey google where do you live? And After span of a sec you will got your answer in funny way may be.

To answer this question, we also asked this question to Google, then Google told us that “I keep roaming all over the world to find information for you, but I live in your device and I hope I live in your heart too.” Be”

Well this answer may vary coz when I asked this same question to google I got to know about the Google headquarters Address. Seriously YUP Google assistant told me the whole direction to the headquarters. WOW…. Isn’t it. It was like :1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043

You, many people in the world ask such questions to Google, if you also want to ask questions from Hindi, then you can also ask Google and know the answer to that question from Google.


Well it’s not funny at all infact Google Assistant is still evolving and I hope one day the best will come out of it. Google is working on it day and night and their team is just fabulous. They Improved the Google Assistant and We hope they will do the wonderful job ahead.

One more thing Download the Google Assistant App Now and Ask your questions to google kyonki puchne se sab hoga.

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