Is Plagiarism Remover Capable of Removing 100% Plagiarism?

Surely, a plagiarism remover is capable of removing 100% plagiarism. This is because a remover uses a combination of techniques to perfectly revamp plagiarized text into 100 % unique form.

In this post, we’ll delve into different techniques used by a plagiarism remover to remove 100% plagiarism. After that, we’ll practically do a case study to give you a clear path.

Different Techniques Used By Plagiarism Remover To Remove 100% Plagiarism

Plagiarism removers are the tools used by a number of writers, students, and teachers, to make their work get rid of plagiarism. The tools mostly use two advanced technologies i.e. Deep learning (DL) and natural language processing (NLP) to restate the original content into plagiarism-free output while keeping its original context/meaning. Following are the different techniques used by plagiarism removal tools;

  • Alteration of original words.
  • Switching/converting the voices.
  • Changing sentence structure either by breaking or merging them.

1. Changing The Original Words

One of the techniques used by plagiarism remover to remove 100% plagiarism s synonymizing. In this technique, a tool removes the maximum of original words by embedding new words in place of them. The novel words used by a tool are actually synonyms that fit correctly according to the context.

For example:


“A mistake can be committed by anyone as no one is perfect in this world. So, you should compromise on some mistakes if they are not repetitive”.

A tool changed the sentence 1 as below;

Sentences: 2

“A mistake can be made by anyone because no one is infallible on this planet. So, you should accept certain blunders if they are not repeated”.

2. Switching the Voices And Speeches

Another common technique used by a plagiarism remover is changing/switching between the sentence voices i.e. Active into passive and vice versa. These changes contribute a lot to making plagiarised content original/unique.

For Example:

Sentence: 1

“They ate bananas every morning”

A tool changed the Voice to;

Sentences: 2

“Bananas were eaten by them every morning”

3. Changing Sentence Structure

In this technique, the plagiarism remover imparts changes in the original sentences. These changes are made by;

  • Changing the starting or ending of each sentence (i.e. changing word order).
  • Making long sentences after merging short ones.
  • Breaking long-form sentences into two or more short ones.
  • Changing the word form used in sentences.

Case Study:

To gain a better understanding of the capability of plagiarism removers, let’s do a case study. For the case study, we first carried out in-depth research on the best plagiarism removers in the market i.e. Internet. After that, we came up with a premier tool i.e. It is based on the most up-to-date technologies i.e. NLP, DL and machine learning (ML).

Let’s use the tool and check how it removes 100% of plagiarism from plagiarized content. For this, we divided the whole procedure into multiple steps for clear understanding.

1. Copy A duplicate Content

In the first step, we got duplicate content by copying from a site. Let’s check it for plagiarism. using one

2. Check Content For Plagiarism

We inputted the copied/duplicated content into one of the plagiarism-checking tools and ran it. Now see the results in the below image;

Plagiarism Remover live review 1

In the above picture, you can see 60% of plagiarism detected in our inputted content. Now is the time to make it 100% plagiarism-free.

3. Use Plagiarims Remover

To make the content plagiarism-free, we used one of the removers. We just inputted our plagiarised content into the remover.

Here’s the demonstration of our step;

Plagiarism Remover live review 2

After that, we ran the tool. The plagiarism remover made different changes using all of the above-mentioned techniques and made the content totally changed.

Let’s see the output of plagiarism remover;

Plagiarism Remover live review output

4. Again Check Plagiarism

Now, run the output of the plagiarism remover with a checker to analyze whether it gave us unique content or not. You will be amazed to know that the checker showed 0% plagiarism in the content which means it’s 100% unique (or 100% plagiarism-free).

Let’s see the surprising results;

Plagiarism Remover better output


Plagiarism removers are built on advanced technology that makes them proficient in removing content 100% plagiarism-free. The tool does this by utilizing a combination of techniques. We mentioned all these techniques in the above sections. Furthermore, we did a case study and proved that the tool is capable of removing plagiarism.

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