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A collection of Spiritual Divine Quotes that delight and inspire. Find here a list of 42 Divine Love Quotes and Proverbs 42 Divine Love Quotes and Proverbs to find true love in your life. Check out this list of 42 divine love quotes that will help you understand divine love and the importance of loving the soul and not the person. Join our facebook page for More valuable posts.

42 Divine Quotes for Instagram

“If you have to invent backgrounds, you can see in them the likeness of divine landscapes, decorated with mountains, ruins, rocks, forests, great plains, hills and valleys in a great variety; and expressions, and clothes, and an infinity of things that you can reduce to their full and correct forms.”

Life is meaningless until we learn to use the power of divine love and see the divine in every event and in every beauty.

When you can love your enemy unconditionally, that is the practice of divine love.

From a spiritual point of view, every single heart is a place where divine love is expressed and experienced.

“All things are friendly and sacred to the poet, philosopher, and saint, all events profitable, all days holy, all men divine.”

“Imagination is what argues for the existence of the Divine Spark within human beings. It’s a descent of the World’s Soul into each and every one of us.”

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“The Divine Light dwells in man at all times, presenting itself to the senses and comprehension, but man rejects it.”

“To err is human, to forgive is divine… but I’m only a cardinal, and cardinals are human, so instead of forgiving you, I’ll err on the side of beating you with this stick.”

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“We can see the Divine in every speck of dust, but we still wipe it away with a wet sponge.” The Divine does not vanish; rather, it is transformed into a pure surface.”

It’s too beautiful to worship, and it’s too divine to love.

Divine love does not mean the emotional exchange of human thoughts or ideas, but the realization of unity.

Sometimes this may require the utmost fairness; at times it may require infinite Compassion.

Love springs from a life rooted in the very source of meaning: divine love.

This is where love is cultivated and nurtured as it gives meaning to everything you touch.

The burden of “proper” obedience on “duty” is changing, a joyful response to God’s true love Love itself has power; if your love is real and holy, it can melt anyone’s heart.

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The divine power of this omnipresent love is an ocean of knowledge, an ocean of happiness and compassion, but above all an ocean of forgiveness.

Love is the divine and universal attraction that holds the universe together and is forever full of beauty, life and happiness.

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Divine Love Quotes

“Let us say that knowledge is not a simple word, but a kind of divine knowledge, that light that lights up in the soul as a result of obedience to the commandments, and which reveals everything that is being prepared, makes itself felt and teaches it to become possessed by God.”

Divine love is mutual respect, never imposing one’s own views, accepting a person for who they are, and being willing to adapt and sacrifice everything for his love.

Loving the limited self, the very limited self, is another name for human love.

The world makes us believe that our happiness depends on whether other people love us.

The more you love yourself, the more the universe will validate your worth.

He who knows the nature of his Self and understands how his senses work will find no place for the “I” and will find infinite peace.

The grace of every jnana guru is only that realization of the Self which is the true nature of man.

He who has been sincere in the love of knowledge and true wisdom, and has exercised his intellect more than any other part of himself, must have immortal and divine thoughts.

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Let no one think that he has received a divine kiss if he knows the truth without loving it, or if he loves it without understanding it.

The wise person who, through concentration on the Atman, realizes that ancient, radiant One, which is difficult to see, unmanifested, hidden, abiding in buddhi and resting in the body, in fact leaves joy and pain far behind.

Whoever keeps my commandment loves me, and I will love him and appear to him.

I give you a new commandment to love yourself as I have loved you.

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Heavenly thoughts and saying

“The purpose of love is not just divine manifestation, but overcoming human opposition, alienation and pride and replacing human opposition with the knowledge, love and fear of God, a love infinitely greater than the love of parents or any other form of love.”

Each of you is extraordinarily beautiful in your own unique and divine way.

Divine or relative to God, or divine or superior will of god; delightful.

Insofar as we look at the stars and know that there is something more than life on earth, the divinity of dogs is inexplicable and profound.

If you water things that have life and the divine, you will see unprecedented harvests.

Once you can stay in that state for a while and come out of it without losing anything, then the divine love within will start flowing through you.

The more you love, the more you will find unsealed spaces for the love to continue and spread around you like a halo.

Love is of three kinds: one demands but gives nothing; second exchange; and the third is love without the thought of return, love like the love of a moth to the light.

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human love: Krishna gave his life for the world.

Justice appealed to my high architect; Divine power, supreme wisdom and primordial love were my creator.

The statement establishes a model of divine justice in which people reap their just fruits, as the poem will demonstrate the fates of Ulysses, the suitors, and other characters.

The soul is always loving, strong and constant connection with your auspicious source.

Love is invisible – it cannot be seen or measured, but it is powerful enough to transform you in an instant and bring you more joy than any material possession.

best divine love quotes

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