Collection of 26 Nightmare quotes and captions

Nightmares can be terrifying, so let us explore more of them through this list of nightmarish quotes. Many of these quotes describe what it is like to experience when your worst nightmare becomes real. Here are some of the best captions expressing how it feels to live through your worst nightmare. Here are some of the best quotes on having a bad dream, and having nightmares come back.

We hope you enjoyed these frightening captions from A Nightmare on Elm Street. If you have not yet, make sure you watch A Nightmare on Elm Street as well as the rest of the movie.

26 Nightmare quotes

It was one of the worst nightmare situations that we could create for the younger characters, having the people that are supposed to believe in you constantly telling you you are a nobody.

I mean, your worst nightmare is literally forever online, and it is a reality very few understand.

When you go to politics, you will see all your worst nightmares about that come to pass, and people that are attracted to big concentrations of power are exactly those who need to stay away from them.

One bad social move–say–like hanging out with the wrong people, he said invective–can turn your life here into a living nightmare, and I certainly do not think you want that.

Actually, my worst nightmare is losing my best friend, like I guess most people have.

Nightmare quotes
nightmare quote written on cardboard

My professional dreams are coming true, and at the same time, I am living my personal nightmares.

It was almost like the reverse of nightmares, as if you are relieved to awaken from your nightmare.

I was living a nightmare, one I would occasionally awaken from while asleep.

The nights are dark and filled with horror, and the days are bright and wonderful and filled with hope.

Night terrors quotes

Enjoy reading and sharing with all of your friends the 42 Famous Quotes About Night Terror. There are things that I think of, secretly, at the deepest depths of the night. Every fear, every nightmare, every hour crying over Lev, every struggle with Sebastian is registered in neat, white scars. My fears are in the dried-up dread at my throat, the pinpricks in my rats nervous feet in the dark.

The night might be dark and full of terrors, I thought, but I had got the bigger stick.

Light our fires and keep us safe in the darkness, blah, blah, light our paths and keep us toasty warm, night is dark and full of terrors, save us from scary things, blah, blah, blah again.

It may be a night of souls — but it does not have to be terrors, for the God of Love does not change.

Leaving the nights of horror and fear, I rose to the dawn of day, which was marvelously bright.

I rose carrying with me the gifts that my forefathers had given, and I was a slaves dream and hope.

I had a dream about you the other night… Shortly after waking I was screaming with terror.

Nightmare quotes

I know what terror feels like — when your dad can get taken out in the middle of the night and lynched simply for not seeming to be in a conformity mode when a white man says something that they should.

If you ever want to feel on the edge of complete, utter, gut-relieving terror, try walking one or two steps outside a wood, at night, with a distinct sense that you are being preyed upon.

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Nightmare quotes and captions

By slow, sure degrees, the horrors of this odious corner swell till they overtake it all the time; invading its repose, making its dreams ghastly, its nights terrible.

In the twilight, his uncanny heart might foresee the hours of horror which it had prepared for itself.

The effects of a nightmare can stay with you even after waking, leading to drowsiness and stress.

Nightmares are connected to you, and it is up to you to transform them into dreams.

A bad dream, which causes unpleasant emotional responses in your brain, is called a nightmare.

Nightmare quotes

The traditions of all the generations of dead loom as nightmares over the minds of the living.

It is a disturbing thought, that we might simultaneously be the highest accomplishment of the living universe, and its worst nightmare.

Every single one of us, with the exception of myself, is living every single one of our worst nightmares, facing our biggest fears — the dogs, too.

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