5 Best Website for No Copyright Music. [Free Music]

Hey Content Creator! Well, you might be thinking that how do I know that you are a content creator? Well, Ordinary people can’t search for No Copyright Music or Free Music for YouTube! Lol. I am also a content creator and I was searching for no copyright music for my new content and I do some research on free music for videos. Later I found some issues with these so-called “No copyright music” or “copyright-free music” website and YouTube Channels that not all websites are free and we have to aware of these non-copyright music websites/youtube channels.

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Are these no copyright music websites and YouTUbe Channels are really free to use?

No! Not all these non-copyright websites and YouTube Channels are free at all. You might get shocked that when you download from youtube channels (70%) of are not free and at some point, in time when you get quality views and subscribers on your channel they may send a copyright strike on your YouTube Channel and the probability is high.

Before moving ahead this video is must watch if you want to understand the game of non-copyright music industry.

This video is my personal favorite and I want to give you the best information about free stock music for YouTube or content so you and your content will be safe from scammers. Copyright is a legal term and if you use copyrighted music in your content then no one can save you from strike or penalty. Not even the court or government although Legally, a copyright owner can sue you for up to $150,000 per copyright infraction. Well, I just want to give you valuable knowledge about copyright music so this guideline was necessary.

What does no copyright music mean?

No Copyright or free stock music is a kind of music that is available in the public domain as free to use and you don’t have to pay any royalty for using that song, but in reality, no music is free to use in this world until its owner declares and it’s totally up to him.

for more you can read this article also by clicking here.


The article is not over yet I am adding few links of no copyright music with a bonus so read this full article and I hope you find this blog informational.

No copyright music websites.

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Top 5 Free Websites for No Copyright Music and YouTube Channels.

1. YouTube Audio Library

Audio Library is a channel dedicated to search, catalog, sort, and publish No Copyright Music, Vlog Music, and Royalty-Free Music for content creators.

This channel/ website is a 100% free music provider and it is YouTube’s official free stock music website so you can trust this website and channel.

2. https://freepd.com/

This website is new for most of you guys but yea they claim that they are 100% legal and non-copyright sound providers and you can trust them and if you have any trust issues you can also read their legal allows page.


ISKON is a spiritual organization and you can use their free stock music for your content and it is a 100% free music website.

4. NCS: NoCopyrightSounds

Many content creators use NCS no copyright sound and sound and its URL and name say itself it is a no copyright sounds so you can trust this website.

NCS has the biggest user base in all non-strike music industry websites has after YouTube Audio Library.

5. shutterstock

Shutterstock and PremiumBeat are working together to provide the best platform for sharing your royalty-free music with the world and that’s why I trust this site coz they are working to create a non strike music ecosystem so every content creator can easily use free to use music for his content.

Free Stock Photos and Videos Website [Bonus]

1. stockunlimited

These websites are 100% free according to deep research as of now and god knows it will remain free in the future. Till then enjoy and I hope you will find this no copyright sound blog helpful.

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