Story of Maa Vedavati: Devotional and Meaningful Tale

Maa Vedavati and Ravana Story

Story of Maa Vedavati : Shri Ram went with Sita into the forest, who was abducted by Ravana, the same man who loved Vedavati and brought her the curse that made Sita the reason for the destruction of the entire Ravana clan. Rama had to cross oceans and wage war to save Sita, although she was never really in danger. Shri Rama had to go with her into the forest, much like the man who wanted the Vedavati and their invective for Sita ultimately proved to be a justification for the destruction of the entire group of Ravanas.

Unlike Sita, Vedavati is the incarnation of Vishnu’s other wife, Bhumidevi. It is a fact that all the women detained in Lanka are Vedavati, and it is believed that Sita is also a woman detained in Sri Lanka, so people think they are one and the same. The “Vedavati” (pure character), however, was reborn as Sita, and the soul of Vedaviti is on a mission to marry Sri Vishnu, and she achieves this by marrying his incarnation, Sri Ramamacadra.

When she was born, she sang the Vedas and holy verses in the name of Vedavati. In ancient legends, she is the incarnation of Ma Bhudevi and she is born as Sita Devi after her death as a pious and chaste wife of Lord Rama and is worshipped as Mother Goddess. The girl named Vedavati is a beautiful girl who is inclined to worship Lord Vishnu.

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Story of Vedavati in Sat Yuga, Dwapar and Treta Yuga.

Vedavati Satya Yuga (Sita Treta Yuga) exists after Draupathi and Dwapar Yuga. The true Sita of Vedavata’s Vedavata Yuga is Draupadi (Dvapara Yuga). At some point during the Ordeal of Maya and Sita, the fire of Lord Agni came and gave Shri Rama real Sita, and when they asked him the reason for their lives he suggested they perform Tapasaya Puskara (every bit as compensation) so that they could ascend to Paradise, but Swarga Lakshmi himself was shown a scarified Kunda known as Yagnaseni (Draupathi).

At the next birth Vedavati, who was born as Sita, was instrumental in killing him. When Ravana kidnapped Sita, he became the cause of Ravana’s death by Lord Rama. It was she who gave birth to Sita and moved to bring about his death as a Rama agent.

Contrary to popular belief, Sita was not involved in the next birth of Brihaspatis granddaughter Vedavati. She was born in the Devi Bhagavata Kambha of Ramayana as the daughter of Ravana. In another version of the story she is reborn when Maya and Sita take her place, but is kidnapped by the Ravanas and suffers her imprisonment where she hides behind a fire and is exchanged with Rama, who asks her to go to court with Agni and Pariksha.

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The Story of Vedavati” is presented in Chapter 17 (Uttara Kanda)

The Ramayana tells the story of Rama, Sita and his abduction by Ravana, King of Sri Lanka. The page entitled “The Story of Vedavati” is presented in Chapter 17 (Uttara Kanda) of the Ramayanas English translation by Hari Prasad Shastri. In this version of the story, a talking sage, Agastya, tells Rama the whole story of Vedavati.

Devi Sita was the wife of Lord Rama and seventh avatar of Sri Maha Vishnu in Hinduism. To protect the good people and punish the bad ones, Lord Vishnu and his wife Ma Lakshmi impersonated themselves as Rama and Sita. In King Rathadhwaja’s kingdom the goddess Lakshmi was worshipped with much love and affection.

When Kushadhvaja and his wife gave birth to a beautiful daughter, he knew that she was an incarnation of Lakshmi. He decided to name her after her and announced that no one could marry her except Lord Vishnu himself. Ravana introduced himself as the most powerful king of the three worlds and Vedavati was invited as the beautiful lady who played a role in the hair of Ravana’s life.

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I will give you the richest one in the world! A Vedadad did not listen, became angry and tried to pull his hair out. “I curse you from birth and cause your death,” he proclaimed, jumping into the fire. His daughter and unhappy mother were happy to hug him, and the corpse went into the fire.

His daughter, Vedavati, who lived with her father, grew up to be a beautiful young woman and an ardent follower of Lord Vishnu. I am his daughter, born of language, magnanimous and one who constantly follows the study of the Vedas, her name is Vedavati. In the life she has lived, her father has decided that we must do for one another as the Lord has done for his daughter.

The born-again Sita Vedavati receives the blessing she had sought in her previous birth. Devi Sita Draupadi is a Jathismarah who knows that throughout her life she must not allow experience and emotions to interact with the decisions and actions of her birth, and she allows a series of events to unfold that lead life to its purpose of attaining the Soul Breath by merging with Parataman.

Wanting to marry the beautiful girl Vedavati, Ravana, one of the most feared demons of all time, is said to have gone to her to express himself to her. He was so attracted to Ma Vedavati’s beauty that he was ready to marry her. However, he killed her and went into the fire, and Agni Deva gave Devi Sita who had been kidnapped from Panchavati (treta Yuga) to Sri Rama after handing Sita over to Agni and telling Rama about the woman.

One day, King Janaka found Sita, the wife of Sri Rama, collecting flowers and shooting old bows at Siva. While Vedavati was meditating with the emperor of Lanka, the ruler of the Rakshasas, Ravana saw her. Armed he saw a young girl, radiant like a goddess, with black antelope skin and matted curls, leading an ascetic life.

(Ref: Skanda Purana – Venkatachala Mahatmya – 5)

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