Panna Dhai: A Sacrifice of Motherhood that cannot be forgotten

Panna Dhai – The Pinnacle of Sacrifice

Panna dhai is a symbol of motherhood, sacrifice and heroism not only in Rajasthan but throughout Indian Peninsula. Panna Dhai was the pinnacle of sacrifice and dedication.

There was unrest in Mewar following the death of Maharana Sanga. After Sanga, Ratan Singh became the ruler, but he died in 1531. Throne was then passed to Vikramaditya, but the feudatories and the general people were unsatisfied with the king’s and his mother Hadi Rani Karmavati’s actions.

Mewar had to face the loss of enormous public wealth as a result of Cruel and tyrant Bahadur Shah’s invasion.

Rivalry between the families due to Banvir’s cruel intentions

Banvir, the son of Sanga’s brother Prithviraj, ascended to the throne of Mewar in 1536 by assassinating Vikramaditya. After killing Vikramaditya, Banvir intended to kill Vikramaditya’s younger brother, Udai Singh and take over the Kingdom.

Udai Singh’s caretaker Panna who raised him like his own mother after the Jauhar of Rani Karmavati (Vikramaditya and Udai Singh’s birth mother) was in charge of Udai Singh the potential and rightful heir of the throne.

Banveer wanted to put an end to this succession and keep the dominion for himself. Panna Dhai, on the other hand, was determined to not let Banvir succeed in his cruel intentions. As a result of this determination she performed an extraordinary sacrifice no one can ever do.

panna dhai painting

Story of Ultimate Sacrifice of Panna Dhai

Banvir is on the lookout for Udai Singh in order to murder him. Panna dhai instantly placed the child Udai Singh in a basket, covered him with cloth, and ordered the loyal soldiers to take him out of the palace.

When Banvir, came looking for Udai Singh Panna dhai put her child Chandan to sleep on Udai Singh’s bed while dressed in royal garb Panna dhai made a hand signal towards his son as soon as the haunting Banvir appeared.

Panna dhai’s son was slain with a sword by Banveer, who mistook him for Udai Singh. Panna performed the death rituals on the little boy’s body and then went to the soldiers who hid Udai Singh and take him far away.
The Kumbha Mahal in Chittor’s fort was Panna dhai’s house.

There, Udai Singh was treated with complete care after being rescued and sent to Kumbhalgarh, a safe haven. From there, Udai Singh grew up to become strong enough to ascend the throne by waging war against Banvir.

Panna dhai’s example of self-sacrifice is not to be found everywhere. Panna dhai has been regarded as Mewar’s heroine since that fateful day because of her unforgivable sacrifice. Not every mother is brave enough to make such a sacrifice, but Panna dhai was so selfless that she even sacrificed her son and her motherhood for the kingdom of Mewar.

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