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15 Best Exception Quotes

“There are exceptions to every rule, and I am aware that when something arrives and becomes a real hit, it is an exception to the rule, but I am responsible for my mistakes. 

“Those who valued certain systems valued their overall impact, not the particular exception. “Exceptional happiness is the exception in the search for happiness.

Exceptions to the rule Exceptions to the rule I like exceptions to the rule. 

Extraordinary historians Extraordinary historians come to you from poets. 

The exceptions are lawyers, a profession that sees itself outside the law and the medical profession.

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First of all, there is no possible exception in the Gospel of Luke and no exception in the Gospels that we have written, except for the person after whom they are named.

The accredited, orderly facts of science float in a sort of cloud of dust of extraordinary observations and events, where every minute something irregular meets and it proves too easy to ignore or observe.

These facts can renew science to take a closer look at irregular phenomena, and science can renew its new formula with more votes for exceptions to its supposed rules.

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We believe in constitutional measures in normal times; we believe in revolutionary measures in exceptional times. 

If you want to achieve excellence in big things, you first have to develop the habit of small things. 

Science allows for exceptions, and that is why determinism in science is what it is.    

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The earth is more beautiful than we think, but we have forgotten that the higher purpose of life is for ourselves and our own human dignity.

To create something extraordinary, you have to focus on the smallest details.

You never think about whether you like it or not, whether it is bearable or not; you never think about who needs to be fulfilled or who is in need. 

All the forces that are beyond your control are taken away from you, so have only one thing: the freedom to choose how you respond to any situation.

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