20 Effective Secret Study Tips – Ultra Focused for Exams

No wonder many of us are determined to study better, rather than more, but what tips and tricks really work scientifically and can help you get perfect grades? But Like many others we also experience the lack of motivation and focus. But Don’t worry After reading this 3 secret study tips with (17 bonus tips) article your life will be changed for forever. In this article all the information are gathered here are based on real scientific experiments done by various doctors, neuroscientists and researchers for well being of students and humanity.

Our brain can potentially memorize 2.5 petabytes of information, Which is roughly the equivalent of 3 million hours of YouTube videos. In order to use some of this amazing ability a little more effectively when learning, Here are 3 plus 17 secret study tips that are based on widely accepted research By neuroscientists and learning experts that improve your focus and studies.

Spaced repetition : #1 Secret Study Tips

To maximize your learning, study short but often. Neuroscientist proved that synapses The million billions of connections in your brain that make you remember and understand things, Mostly grow at night when you sleep.

This means that it is more productive to study regularly with sleep breaks in between. Try it! Practice something for 15 minutes every day And you will be amazed at your progress in a matter of weeks.

3 Secret Study Tips in Picture

Find your own style : #2 Secret Study Tips

Listening to the history teacher Tom scribbles pictures and Jane finishes 1 kilo of nuts. Some like to watch videos about reading books, Others study with friends and others like to sit in silence among a million books everyone is different.

A good night sleep : #3 Secret Study Tips

Sleep and dreams are vital for processing and storing new information. A Harvard study showed that students who got a good night’s sleep Remember their study materials 35% better than those who studied in the morning to take a test in the evening.

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To concentrate

If you tend to procrastinate Which means you tend to switch from doing something hard like studying math Something easy like browsing the web, Protect yourself from distraction One way to do this is to turn off your mobile phone or go to a quiet place like a library.

The Pomodoro technique:

Set a timer for 25 minutes when you are fully focused on your studies. when the timer goes off, relax for 5 minutes. if you want to continue, just reset the timer again (alarm) The little breaks in between are relaxing and motivating to keep going.

Hard stuff premiere

Do the things that are difficult first because if you’re like most people you have better power in the morning once you’re done with the tough stuff you will feel better for the rest of the day And probably more motivated to get other things.

Exercise, meditate, and converse

There are few proven activities to make your brain grow However physical exercise, a regular meditation and good conversations, apparently do exactly that They lead to the creation of new neurons in your brain and therefore increase its potential.

Go Places

You can create deeper memories of a subject By learning in a richer environment that offers more visual clues. in an experiment Two groups of students were asked to remember random words. One group changed the class while studying, the other did not the group that studied in two different rooms (One was small and windowless, the other large and bright) Was 40% more likely to recall words later.

Have some fun in real life

Either way, find a fun way to practice. Modern learning science believes that positive emotions are very important in increasing your learning potential. so do yourself a favor and have a good time (enjoy!)

space your studies

In order to remember things for a longer time, Repeat the material in spaced intervals. facts or vocabulary for example Are best learned if you examine them the first time 1-2 days after the initial study And again after 1 week and after 1 month.

30% read, 70% recite

If you have an hour to learn, to recite a poem or to prepare for a speech (oral) Spend 20 Minutes of Time Studying Text and 40 minutes on the practice of recitation This ratio usually leads to the best results. in case of emergency put a glass of water next to you Take a sip every time you lose it;)

Instant self-test

After you finish your studies with a quick quiz. Immediate reminder in the form of a test or a short summary of what you have just learned Can increase retention up to 30%. Because it is much harder for your brain to think than to read, This extra effort creates deeper traces in your memory. do not force! Motivation is like hunger. You can’t force yourself to be motivated Just like you can’t tell someone else to be hungry. So if you’re not hungry right now, don’t worry.

Enjoying the 3 Secrets Study tips Right! I am damn sure that you find this information helpful about your study and Exam preparation. But It isn’t over yet. Here are some more secret study tips are waiting for you. Read that too carefully and please don’t be selfish share this article with your friends too.

3 plus 5 More Secret Study Tips

First secret study tip is that Research shows that each study session is much more effective in small, short intervals. Instead of engaging in 10-hour study sessions, it is much more effective to divide the work into twenty 30-minute sections over the course of a few weeks. This is because your mind is better able to encode information in synapses. in short repeated sessions instead of long ones.

Second : And that’s why, even in learning different things, whether it’s swimming, tennis or singing, the same format is followed. And although trying your hand at sleepless nights is a rite, it turns out that you get the lowest grades. After a prolonged night study, memory and reasoning can be adversely affected for up to four full days. Instead, choosing a specific time to study on a day or during the week builds a routine in your mind and studying longer will become easier as your mind is trained in these times.

Third : And although many of us spend hours passively re-reading and underlining notes or a book, studies have shown it to be ineffective. It does not improve your knowledge of a topic, nor does it link key concepts together. It can even be harmful as it draws your attention to less important information.

Flashcards on the one hand have proven to be an excellent storage medium that is used while studying or during hole moments, such as on the bus on the way home.

Secret Study Tips – 4 to 6

Fourth : They also help maintain a specific goal for each study session. Instead of studying aimlessly, take an aspect to focus on, whether it’s balancing chemical formulas or learning to conjugate verbs in French. If you can’t explain it in simple terms, then you haven’t understood it enough.

Fifth : In studies where individuals are asked to learn a passage, and half of them are told that they will be questioned while the other half that they will have to teach other students, the participants who had to teach understood the focuses better. When you have to teach, your mind organizes information into a more logical and coherent structure.

Sixth : Of course, practice! Practice! Practice! Not only do exercises train your mind for practice, and even if you make mistakes, they help you find flaws in your knowledge. Practice tests have always been shown to increase confidence, thereby leading to better results.

7. So where should you study? – Secret Study Tips

Research shows that having a sacred place to study with all the tools you may need is best. As well as organizing time, this focuses your mind on study.

Eight : Got a great studio playlist? Not so fast. While certain studies have shown that certain types of classical music can increase concentration, a more recent study has shown that learning with a rhythmic sound in the background can be detrimental to concentration and those who don’t listen to music do better.

Nine : And if you haven’t already, put your mobile away! It may seem crazy but your social messages and notifications greatly reduce your concentration.

I hope you like my short but effective 3 Secret Study Tips that enable focus within you. And Remember Practice, Practice and Practice is the key to success.

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