Gyanvatsal Swami ji – Biography of the great Saint

Gyanvatsal Swami Wikipedia and Biography

Gyanvatsal Swami ji is a Saint (Monk) and student of Pramukh swami ji Maharaj at BAPS( Bochasanwasi Akshar Purushottam Sanstha) Swaminarayan) Mandir. One of the best motivational coach in India. A great Social Worker who is continuously working in wellness of youngsters, businessman’s and students by his ultimate knowledge and speech and guidance. This blog is all about Gyanvatsal Swami ji Biography and Wikipedia which is based on online research and their YouTube videos speeches.

My Views on Gyanvatsal Swami ji :

Welcome to my website and if you are here then I am sure that you knew about Gyanvatsal Swami ji and you might heard their speeches and I got to know him from his extraordinary speeches that changed my life and might be yours too and if not you can listen his speeches on YouTube .

If you don’t have enough time than you can listen their speeches in form of podcast by clicking here. And please remember the name so you can search this podcast next time. Well now this blog is about Gyanvatsal swami biography and small Wikipedia. I am a huge fan of swami ji and trust me, he changed my life even I never met him yet.

gyanvatsal swami doing speech

Gyanvatsal Swami is the real gem and he is one of the best motivational speaker in world and he is not only a best motivational speaker he is more than that where everyone is charging hundreds of bucks for his one hour statement, and he doing it for free from last 20 years and he never took single penny from anyone in his whole career, WOW.

His teachings are blessing to millions of his fans and I heard their pravachan in Gujrati even I am not Gujrati. That Makes him a Great Saint who can talk from his soul and touch everyone heart by his blessed voice.

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Gyanvatsal Swami Wikipedia and Biography:

Real NameRakshit Rawal
Date of Birth12/10/1969
GuruShri Pramukh Swami Ji Maharaj
Age54 Years
Birth PlaceVallabh Vidyanagar, Anand, Gujarat
ProfessionSaint, Motivational Speaker, Social Worker
SchoolGovernment School in Gujarat
College / UniversityBirla Vishvakarma Mahavidyalaya
Education QualificationMechanical Engineer
WorkMotivational Speaker and Saint
Net Worth0 INR
Gyanvatsal Swami wiki

Swami Gyanvatsal real name was Rakshit Rawal and he completed his schooling from govt. School Vidyanagar, Anand, Gujrat. Later he enrolled himself in BVM (Birla Vishvakarma Mahavidyalaya) to pursue the graduation course.

Rakshit Rawal (Real Name of Swami Gyanvatsal) use to go to Swami Narayan mandir with his parents from the early age of his life and than he met with Pramukh Swami Maharaj there and he accepted him as his guru and later he took diksha from Pramukh Swami Maharaj and left his home.

Swami ji took his diksha almost 26 years ago and currently living a monk life with spiritual leader and mentor who guides lacs of people in his entire life with his own speeches. He read almost 500 biographies in his life and he also use to suggest others to read books. swami ji is the one of the best motivational guru in India. His only one goal is to create a better place for students, working professional, parents and human being regardless any religion or nationality.

Swamiji’s Career:

Rakshit Rawal was a Mechanical Engineer by profession before he became saint and I heard if I am correct in one of his speech that he completed his graduation by more than 80% marks and later he decided to serve the society and needy people, was the bright student in from the beginning of his life.

He is a book lover and his only hobby is book reading and he read almost 500 books and always suggest people to read books and he is a great book lover a saint at BAPS Sanstha and this sanstha is doing social work and serving the needy people and society.

guruji has been a speaker at various seminars in the United States of America(U.S.A), Australia, Canada, Europe, England & New Zealand. Motivational and Inspirational Speaker, discuss different subjects for example, Proactive and Ethics. He has spoken on topics such as – Stress Management in daily life, Ethics in Profession, Attitude – The Master Key, Character – Home of Happiness, Work-Life balance, and much more.

Gyanvatsal Swami salary:

swami gyanvatsal ji is a Indian Saint and Social Worker at BAPS Organization so his salary is 0 Indian Rupees. Well Its true he is doing this social and noble cause for people’s wellness and he is doing it from last 20 or more years and he never charged single rupees and I heard this in one of his speech and he never charged a single rupee from anyone and he is monk so he doesn’t need money.

What does BAPS stand for?

BAPS- (Bochasanwasi Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha)

Social Media:

Swami Gyanvatsal ji’s official channel is Akshar mantra which is managed by Admin Krutang Patel where you can watch latest speech of swamiji and you can also check out their Facbook and Instagram pages for further updates and one more thing to remember there are tons of fake pages on social media and all are fake or not associated with swamiji and only Akshar Mantra is one and only official channel of swami ji and you can also watch swami gyanvatsal biography in Gujrati and Hindi language.

AddressAhmedabad, India
E-mail[email protected]
Gyanvatsal Swami wikipedia

Gyanvatsal Swami Quotes: My favorite ones.

  1. The earth is round and there are no corner for your bad deeds.
  2. There is no lock without its key.
  3. Either solve your problem, Either leave it or live with it.
  4. Keep yourself stable is the first it is the first aspect of your life.

Guruji’s Podcast :–Secret-of-Success-eu0u1p

Gyanvatsal Swami JI Motivational Speech.

Well swami gyanvatsal ji is a great motivational speaker and you can listen this all speeches online on YouTube but I am adding a wonderful speech herewith so you can enjoy a wonderful voice and personality by clicking below and trust me you will love his voice and knowledge and wisdom. Motivational Speech.

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