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Inspirational DeskTops hopes you will try to improve yourself by taking these proprietary quotes seriously. Many ups and downs in the lives of some members of Inspirational DeskTops and moments experienced by best possessiveness quotes to inspire your mind so that there are no difficulties in your life, especially regarding your relationships.

For those who become possessive in everything, possessive-like attitude, these possessiveness quotes represent the Inspirational Desktop for them. Here, in this article, are 38 possessiveness quotes for you that you can feel right now, in relation to your lover or friend.

If you like these possessiveness quotes, don’t keep them to yourself, share them with your friends, family and loved ones. I try my best to make sure you don’t have a reason to be jealous, but when you become possessive, I love it.

Best 38 Possessiveness Quotes

This possessiveness will be brought to the surface even if you don’t want to show it.

When love and respect go out the window, possessiveness and domination are sure to arise.

Once you leave jealousy and possessiveness behind, love will slowly rise to the surface and sink along with lust.

Love can shine in your life, but only love, not desire, not ego, not possessiveness, not jealousy, not addiction.

Because having what we love is a greater joy than love itself. In this world, the most precious thing ever given to a man is a woman’s heart.

True love, Lee, is possessive and cannot be shared with the world.

If possessiveness is the result of true love, then anger is the result of true healing.

Love sometimes takes us into the dark corners of possessiveness, trapping us in relationships.

Caring and responsibility are the building blocks of love, but without respect and knowledge of the loved one, love degenerates into dominance and possessiveness.

In love, care may be required, but without respect, all that is, would be the property of a person.

You can mark anyone as your property, but you cannot force them to like you.

Your possessive attitude towards someone, depriving him of his freedom and making you a prisoner, takes you away from him.

best possessiveness quotes

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Powers beyond your control can take away everything you have except for one thing: your freedom to choose how to respond to a situation.

You will find the real answer not in flight, not in ideals, not in beliefs, but in understanding the causes of dependence and possessiveness.

Best Possessiveness Quote

Ownership is not acceptable; not even a good deal; must be granted.

The fact that beauty is priceless and too costly removes its curse of possessiveness.

Once you are possessed, when you fall in love, it destroys the essence of love.

They shouldn’t be obsessed, because that destroys your love again.

Love is not possessive; many people think that it is love that you completely belong to someone.

Sometimes we can’t help but feel possessive when we share what we love with others.

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Life can’t be without relationships, but we made it so painful and terrible, based on personal and possessive love.

The marriage was arranged by people who wanted to protect their love from possessiveness and anger.

I did not think then that such a woman or such a relationship could exist in complete freedom and without jealousy and possessiveness.

At first I thought that relationships could exist without jealousy and possessiveness; then I got one and it turned out to be wrong.

best possessiveness quotes

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Best Possessiveness Quotes

The irony is that the more possessive you are, the more love you ask for, the less you get, and the more freedom you give, the less you ask, the more love you will receive.

You will return a thousand times more if you give love, because possessiveness has no place in His kingdom.

Rich is not the one who has a lot, but the one who gives a lot.

There is no competition in the realm of love; there is no ownership or control.

The best people have the beauty, the courage to take risks, the discipline to tell the truth, and the ability to sacrifice.

At the end of our lives, God will not judge us by our possessions in the world and human success, but by how much love we have.

It is our duty to seize every opportunity for the acquisition of more territory, and we must constantly keep before our eyes the idea that more territory simply means more of the Anglo-Saxon race, more than the best, more humane and noble race in the world

If the time ever comes when vain and ambitious men take the highest places in government, our country will need experienced patriots to prevent its collapse.

I haven’t created anything really beautiful, really lasting, but if I can inspire one of these young people to develop the talent I know they have, then my monument will be in their work.

best possessiveness quotes

Perfection is possible only if you pour out possessiveness and bring love.

Boys and girls need to be taught mutual respect, freedom… and that jealousy and possessiveness kill love.

The surest way to determine if a person has love for God is to see if he loves his neighbor.

Jealousy – that nasty combination of possessiveness, suspicion, anger and humiliation – can take over your mind and threaten your very heart while you contemplate your rival.

Knowing again your traps, your limitations, your anger, your desires, your possessiveness, your jealousy, your sadness, your joy, all the emotions that come and go, you are always in chaos.

best possessiveness quotes

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