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Don Miguel Ruiz’s book The Mastery of Love deals with the intricacies of relationships and the ways in which you can make the right decisions. In this section you will learn how some quotations from Don Miguels can give you the courage to ask questions and express what you want. If you like our suggestions for Don Miguel Ruiz quotes, why not look at these The Mastery Of Love Quotes?

The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz is the best book about love and relationships. If you are in an abusive relationship or feel bitter about the abuse of others, this book will help you. Through an honest investigation of the true nature of love, Ruiz brings to light the widespread errors and misplaced expectations of love that lurch most relationships. After reading The Four Conventions by Don Miguel Ruiz, I was so overwhelmed by its content that I bought his book entitled The Domination of Love.

The author distills the essential Toltec wisdom about human relationships in techniques in the tradition of Carlos Castaneda to integrate them into daily life. In this tradition, Don Miguel Ruiz uses inspiring stories to convey the wisdom of the three fundamental Toltec masterpieces: consciousness, transformation and love. Topics studied include Toltec’s wisdom on heart persecution, love, war and control.

They will reflect on failed relationships and be able to diagnose the harmful behaviours that led to their demise. Don Miguel Ruiz carries on his interpretation of Toltec wisdom explained in his previous work The Four Conventions and applies the concepts to the field of human relations. You will finish this book in one sitting, and it is a profound truth that has the potential to change the way you view love, relationships, your relationships, and yourself.

His book offers so many insights into how love works and how we as individuals can find and preserve it. It explores how we come to learn about the poisonous way to love those around us. He teaches us how we can learn to make our relationships playful again so that they can bring back love. Here are the collection of best 22 The Mastery Of Love Quotes.

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22 The Mastery Of Love Quotes

Fear of not being good enough makes us try to change, makes us create an image. 

We learn to pretend to be something we are not, we practice trying to be the best mother, the best father, the best teacher, or our religion. 

We hunt for love in other people who do not love themselves, and that is what love seeks.

When we meet other people, we classify them and assign them roles in our lives. 

The main difference between you and everyone else is how you use your power and how you create it.

Just as societies create their own heroes and villains, people worship our own minds and powers to do exactly the same. 

The way we think, feel, and act is becoming so routine that we no longer have to pay attention to what we are doing. 

Like everything else, we ascribe certain characteristics to a group of people whose actions reflect their inner world.

The art of relations as a whole is mastery, and the only way to mastery is in practice. 

Toltec wisdom can help you to understand that we are all masters, whether we are aware of it or not does not matter. 

For every action we need knowledge, or at least more awareness, of how humans function.

11th – The Mastery Of Love Quotes

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11 – 22 The Mastery Of Love Quotes

Best The Mastery Of Love Quotes

If you take your luck and give it to someone, they will break it. 

Brothers and sisters must respond according to what they have learned to defend themselves and adapt to different circumstances.

Call it a numbers game, there are times when positive emotions outweigh some negative ones, but it’s not as simple as it seems. 

If you do not command your mind to think about love, you will build up a negative attitude and act destructively. 

You will become more tolerant of abusive behavior in the world and will wreak havoc in those around you.

I have the same love as you, my heart is as big as yours, and I share your same love situation. 

When you are full of love, go away with your laughter and say, “Thank God, I don’t need your love. You hunger for love, and when you taste it, you will return to where you were without it.

Hunger makes people desperate for someone to offer them love and attention, and vulnerable to all forms of abuse. 

If they are hungry for love and can taste a little of it, it creates a greater need. 

When we hunt for love from other people, we expect to love them as much as we love ourselves, because they are in the same state as we are. 

If we feel that we need love, we believe that we cannot love ourselves if we do not love someone.    

22nd – The Mastery Of Love Quotes

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