Bohra Ganesh Temple: History of the temple and celebrations during festivals

Bohra Ganesh Ji Temple is an ancient temple of Lord Ganesh ji in Udaipur. It is one of the famous Ganesh Temples in Udaipur along with Pala Ganesh Ji temple, Jada Ganesh ji Temple and dudhiya Ganesh ji Temple.

History of Bohra Ganesh Temple Udaipur

The Bohra Ganesh temple of Udaipur is thought to have been constructed roughly 350 years ago, maybe in the 17th century. It was originally built outside of Udaipur’s city borders, but due to the township’s gradual expansion, it was eventually placed within city limits and is now a vital part of the city.

The tale behind this Ganesh and the origin of his unusual name is fascinating. There was a time not long ago when persons in desperate need of money for reasons such as school, business, marriage, or medical treatment would write the exact amount they needed on a piece of paper and lay it at the feet of the Ganesh idol with a prayer and trust.

The miracle is claimed to occur at that time, and the recipient will receive the funds in a timely manner, allowing him to complete the specified task. However, the Lord, while compassionate and gracious, will undoubtedly test the individual’s sincerity and gratitude, and the person who has benefited from God’s grace will be compelled to repay the amount with acceptable interest to the Lord of this temple.

Bohra ganesh ji Udaipur Idol
Credit: Yash Sharma

The method is extending an amount as a loan to a person and afterwards receiving it back with interest from him or her. In our country, it is the Bohra group that is most commonly involved in this type of interest-bearing lending.
Lord Ganesh was given the name Bohra Ganesh because he was spotted doing something that was very similar to what the Bohras did.

However, it is widely believed that the Lord here is much more than a common businessman, and that he will bless loyal believers and reward their faith and trust by fulfilling all of their honest aspirations.

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Ganesh Chaturthi and other festival Celebrations at this temple

Ganesh Chaturthi, which happens in the month of Bhadrapada (August-September), is a big celebration in the Bohra Ganesh ji temple that is celebrated with joy and zeal. On that day, special pujas are performed for the Lord, which are watched by about 2 lakh devotees. Govardhan Puja, popularly known as Annakoot, is another auspicious holiday celebrated in Udaipur City.

Bohra Ganesh Temple Udaipur Entrance

A ceremony called as ‘Aangi’ is performed early in the morning on this day, which follows Diwali, and is followed by the famous ‘Chappan Bhog.’ This specialty is dedicated to Lord Ganesh by worshippers and consists of chappan, or 56 delectable dishes. The evening Maha Arti is followed by the distribution of the divine Prasad to the devotees.

Located at: Bohra Ganesh Ji Temple, Ganapati Nagar, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

Official Facebook Page: BohraGaneshJI

How to Reach Bohra Ganesh Ji Temple?

By Air:
Nearest Airport- Maharana Pratap Airport (38 kms) from there you can book a cab or private taxi at affordable fare.

By Railways:
Nearest Railway Station: Rana Pratap Railway station (1.5 Kms)

By Roadways:
Nearest Bus stop: Udaipur Bus stop (5kms)

Best Time to Visit the temple

To be honest not on Wednesday due to too much rush here but you can visit anytime (please read govt. corona guidelines before reaching out there). In normal days you can visit any time here.

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