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If you like these quotes about culture and society, you will like our selection of famous quotes that’ll have you rolling in laughter. These society quotes will help you learn how to appreciate the benefits of cultural diversity in society. The dialogue about diversity continues to increase in society, and these culture quotes demonstrate why it is so helpful to the world.

29 Society quotes

While culture diversity has caused some uncomfortable and difficult situations in the American past, it is also one of the things that can make us stronger.

One of the incredible things about America is the diversity in cultures the country has had since being created as a melting pot.

No one part of the society matches the strength, idealism, passion, and bravery of young people.

We can characterize an ideal civil society as one that is characterised by citizens readiness to rise up in response to situations that call for a communal effort.

Charities and Civil Society work by efforts by diverse individuals working together industriously.

Society quotes

Charities and civil societies have an important role in increasing the involvement of communities to enhance quality of life, in influencing public policies so that they are really focused on people.

We all have time, talents, and creativity, and these all have the potential to become powerful forces in making a positive difference in our own time.

In the end, we are better off together if we can learn to value each other for who we are, as well as our differences.

Society quote and caption

When we combine our strengths and share work and responsibilities, we can be welcoming to many, even those who are deeply hurting, and possibly help many people to find their self-confidence and internal healing.

Society quotes

We are sailing into this new sea because new knowledge is to be gained, and new rights are to be won, and new knowledge that is to be gained needs to be won and used to advance the advancement of all human beings.

Civilization quotes and captions

Unless we in this country are able to show ourselves capable of making that society work and advance, unless we are able to hope that, out of you, we shall recover all that talent that the community has helped develop in you, then, quite obviously, all of us who have hopes, freedoms to not only survive, but to triumph, of course, shall be disappointed.

Nor will it be completed within the first thousand days, nor within the lifetime of this Administration, or perhaps within our lifetimes on this little planet.

The success of this Administration, and therefore of our nation, depends, in the final analysis, on the quality of our professional services.

There is no purpose of life but the movement, no principle but fair exchange, and no satisfaction but consumption.

Society quotes

Now, let me make clear, John Kennedy believed there could only be one policy for Americas defense, and that was summarized by the words, First.

Black, blue, pink, green — God does not make rules on colors; only the community makes rules in which my people suffer, and so we have to get our salvation and our salvation now.

Culture, and its influence over the communities from which it springs, is a wonderful, multifaceted entity that gives its people strength, identity, and purpose.

Culture examine the reasons we emphasize getting real insights about the cultures that we help brands talk to.

Society quotes

Every nation, every community is deeply connected through a complex tapestry of individual values, norms and specific histories, and therefore understanding each nations culture is understanding theirs.

It requires a willful effort to sustain provision of government services and autonomy, because a civil society cannot compel every single person to make contributions.

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Society quotes and captions

There is no reason to think our present civilization is going to be different.

There is abundant evidence that it will decay and collapse, as has occurred in every other major civilization throughout history.

We have forgotten that we live in a universe, and that our civilisational civilization is but the refinement of a palm-leaf cap one of our forefathers tried to put on to block out the sun a decade or so ago, a more elaborate and capacious version that not only blocks the sun now, it blocks the view.

Society quotes

I can say with certainty that the Deliverance of Mr Blair is not going to come from a bustling, loud centre of civilization.

Our ability to achieve unity out of diversity will be the beauty, and test, of our civilization.

Civilized people do not give off a shit; they act in the streets like they would in the house, do not brag for impressing the younger ones.

Civilized men are nastier than the barbarians, for they know that they can be rude without having their skulls ripped out, generally speaking.

Society quotes

An example that is especially well-suited to presenting the present state of civilisation is that of the frog in a pot.

Thousands of weary, unshaken, hyper-civilized humans are beginning to learn that going into the mountains is going home, that the wild is essential.

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