Collection of 30 Entitlement quotes and captions

Read the collection of 30 great Entitlement quotes and captions to understand the power for privilege and feel free to share online.

30 Entitlement quotes

It is true that once the entitlement starts being enjoyed by people, they love to hold onto it.

People given everything they want quickly become entitled, and quickly lose a sense of proportion.

People who feel entitled to it feel that the world and people around them owe them something, even when they did not do much or anything to deserve it.

Many people have the mindset of having entitlement, like someone else should have done those things for them.

Too many people are given the feeling of entitlement, but born without the compassion that comes from God.

When we feel entitled, we are likely to be even more deceptive, since, obviously, rules are not meant for rad-looking folks like us.

Entitlement quotes

I was taught that human nature is that the seat of privilege more frequently, more naturally, leads to the feeling of entitlement.

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This sense of entitlement allows women to feel like we have a natural place to be leaders in the world.

The school made it abundantly clear that women are entitled to positions of power.

Not a hint of a suggestion that man was rightfully entitled to the fruits of his own labour.

Privilege captions and sayings

The following quotations were chosen from a group of the Du Bois Centers graduating class and 2019 Postdoctoral Fellows. The Du Bois Center shares a collection of quotes from Du Bois that resonate with us in the present moment. Think for yourself, and allow others the privilege to do the same.

Every effort to thwart that freedom to exist is a strike against democracy – at this true democracy, that is, of the reservoirs and possibilities.

There cannot be perfect democracy that is restricted because of color, or race, or poverty.

Rules-following, legal precedence, and political conformity are no more important than rights, justice, and simple good sense.

History shows that no matter who is in power, or which revolutionary forces have taken control of the government, those who do not learn how to make things for themselves, who must rely only on others, will never in the end get more rights or privileges than they had at the outset.

A people that values their privileges over their principles will quickly lose both. Life is privilege in and of itself, but living it to its fullest is choice.

Entitlement quotes

I found my reason to believe in Proverbs wise men’s literature.

I believe war is a lethal harvest from the minds that are arrogant and unreasonable.

The hope for peace is wisdom to stop conflicts among brothers.

The future is not ideal, it is still marked by racial discrimination and a white-male-privilege system which made Danas past unsustainable.

There is no easy binary of free vs. not free, or privileged vs. unprivileged, because Dana is free today, and has certain markers of privilege, but is still oppressed as a Black.

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Entitlement quotes

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Entitlement meant demanding kindness from others, with no thought for those others who were giving kindness.

Anyone who believes that he is better than others, or who selects, or feels that he has the right… whether it is via monarchy, government, or money.

A paid job trains us to always right, and instills the entitlement mindset.

I really do think that there is both a very strong sense of entitlement, and also sort of wealth bubble, that makes it difficult for the folks at the very top to comprehend the plight of the middle class.

I do not think that you are expanding entitlements when so many people are reliant on the government, and when the money the U. S. is offering is going to be taken from you in a matter of a few years.

Entitlement quotes

The top three issues should be getting jobs and growth in the private sector back into our country, getting this entitlement mess under control, and getting the feeling of confidence back into our country that Americans can accomplish anything that we set out to accomplish.

You can imagine a mentally precarious person who is totally entitled, who is been given everything that he or she wants, his entire life, living in a bubble with a very controlling, manipulative mom, this kid mentality has never had the opportunity to mature and find his or her limits.

The right to physical control has led cis-gender men to legislate, often without knowledge of the underlying facts, on the bodily functions of pregnant people and transgender people, writes Manne.

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