The Story of Tataka – Girl with the Strength of 1000 Elephant

How Tataka Born?

Tataka was a beautiful princess who was courted and married to Sumali, the Asura King. She had two sons, Maricha and Subahu, and a daughter, Kaikas. Tataka and Sunda planned to marry Kaikasi with Rishi and Visravas to have offspring who would be more powerful. The two sons were killed by Rama as they tried to disrupt Yagya, who was playing Rishi’s Forestone; one of them died and the other threw an arrow that wounded someone southward.

Tataka’s father, Suketu, a Yaksha king, performed tapasya, the principle of physical and spiritual rigor and discipline, in order to achieve a specific goal for the descendants. Tataka was the desired son of Lord Brahma, who blessed him with her. Because of her yaksha being as a spirit, Tataka is the grandmother of the demon king Ravana and the great-grandmother of Indrajit.

A great Yaksa named Suketu, the son of Suraksa, repented and reconciled Brahma for a child, and with Brahma’s blessing he had a daughter named Tataka. Tataka is the father of Suketu, a Yaksha king who performed Tapas to please Lord Brahma and conceive of offspring. A yaksha named Suketsu, whose child was blessed by Brahma, said to him, “If there is a girl with the strength of 1,000 elephants, it is Tataka.”

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History of Taraka and why Vishwamitra pledge to kill her?

When Tataka heard the words of the sage Vishvamitra that it was his duty to kill Tataka, he remembered his father’s instruction that he must do what the sage had ordered him to do. So fulfillment of his promise to Vishwamitras, and he discussed how to give him the heavenly weapons to which he had access. 

A courteous heart, Rama prepared to continue his journey to the wise Vishvamitra. Sri Rama inquired about the sage in the forest and told them the story of the demon Tataka. On the way back, as usual, he spent some time dispelling his doubts through the sage and gaining some insights.

The people of the place where he got rid of his curse enjoyed prosperity for many years, but then the demon Tataka appeared and made the people of the area live miserably. Viswamitra told Rama the story of Tataka, who said: “Adur Asuri Madhavachari.

The first demon Lord Rama kills in epic Ramayana is Tataka. It was cursed by the wise Agastya that Tataka would become a demon. Tataka became the wife of the good Yaksha and became the first demon or demon to be killed by Lord Ram.   

At the beginning of history, it is of great importance to eliminate all evil from the world, and Tataka is the first case of evil that we encounter in reading.

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The Sage Agastya Curse to Tataka.

Agastya curses Taraka for the loss of her beautiful physique and transforms her two sons Subahu and Maricha into cruel and cannibalistic demonic creatures. Rishi and Agastya curse the Rakshasas and their daughter Kaikesi Sumali for death, and she takes it upon herself to bring her sons Subahu to the rescue in order to exact revenge on the two evil men. The two men curse Taraka, who loses her beauty and physique, and transform her sons into hideous, demonic creatures of a cruel, cannibalistic nature.  

When Agastya decided to enrage the Sage, he cursed Tataka with the loss of his beautiful physique and turned two sons Subahu and Maricha into demonic creatures of a cruel cannibalistic nature. When the sage asked Vishwamitra Rama to kill the monster of Tataka, he refused because he did not want to kill a woman. The sage cursed Taraka to become an ogre in distorted and monstrous form.

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Why Shri Rama Killed the demon Tataka.

Sri Rama thought for a moment to shoot his arrow to kill the demon Tataka, who had disturbed the performance of the fire ritual, but before he executed her, he saw that she was a woman.

When Tadaka and Subahu tried to destroy Vishwamitra’s yagnas, Rama warned them against it. When he told the story of Tataka, Viswamitra asked Rama to kill her. Vishwamitra had had enough of their interference and finally decided to go to Raja Dashrath and asked him to send his son Rama and Lakshman to help him. At first he hesitated, but the sage Vashishtha persuaded him to let her accompany him.

Sage Vishwamitra gave loud shouts and humming to encourage the two brothers to attack Rama. When Tataka saw them, he roared with rage and stormed at the king. In the ensuing Great Battle between Rama and Tataka, a large cloud of dust gathered in the sky around them for an hour and a half in the sky.

Tataka began to change and attacked Sri Rama and Lakshmana in different ways in Stormstone. The wise Agastya did not tolerate her behaviour and cursed her to become a demon or rakshasi. She transformed into a beautiful Yakshini (celestial being) and bowed to Rama before disappearing into the sky with a twinkling eye.

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Two Sons : Subhau and Marich

The noise disturbed the forest dwellers, and Tataka became angry and deluded. Taking advantage of the situation, he and his son Subahu-mareech flew to the silent sanctuary of Siddhashram, where The sage Vishwamitra performed a long yagna (fire offering) and let feces, urine and bones fall out of the air, contaminating the sacred fire ritual.

After Rama attacked and killed Subahu, Vishwamitra was able to perform his yagna (fire sacrifice) without interruption. Tataka’s soul arose as a beautiful Gandharva lady, and she praised Sri Rama and was left in her place.

Tarka was a shape-shifting yaksha woman who was the mother of the demon Subahu Maricha. She met the young Rama as a guardian incarnation of Vishnu while she went in search of the demon Ravana, the king of the Rakshasas, along with Vishwamitra (sage) and Lakshmana (prince of Kosala ). This story is mentioned in the great Rama epic called Ramayana.

Tataka and her sons, who had turned into grim-looking demons, went to Patala Sumali, the father of the demonic race, and visited Ravana, the king of demons, to stay in Lanka. With the help of Ravana Tataka, she conquered the vast deep forest of Karusa and stayed there with her sons and later killed by shri Rama.

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