Kottaram – Padmanabhapuram Kanyakumari District

Also known as the core of Padmanabhapuram Palace is the Thai Kottaram, the oldest building. It is believed to have been built by Ravi Varma Kulashekhara in the 16th century by Venad ruler Peruvians. The earliest records of the palaces of Kalkulam and PadmanaBhapuram mention the palaces of Valiya Neerazhikkara and Koyikkal on the western bank of a large pond.

Thekkae Kottaram, the southern palace of the Padmanabhapuram Palace Complex in Kanyakumari District of Tamil Nadu is a typical residential complex with three separate buildings and a Neerazhi (pond with a walled enclosure) located on the south side of the complex and separated from the main part by a public road. The palace is a beautiful example of a traditional homestead that is unique in the southern part of Kerala. The records reveal the true history and age of the palace, and oral traditions portray it as an integral part of this complex.

Children of all ages are welcomed in Chittoor Kottaram, Kerala, as mild weather, the cuisine and friendly and friendly locals make it an ideal destination for a family holiday. Cots, babysitting and surveillance services can be arranged without prior notice. About 75 miles from the Kochi Biennial, Chittoors Heritage Palace at CGH Earth, 68 miles from the Cochin Shipyard, offers free Wi-Fi.

Thai Kottaram

Kottaram Dak Ghar

Financial services offered by PO include savings and postal life insurance (PLI). Customers in Kottaram can benefit from various savings programs offered through the post office, which has proven beneficial to the residents of the Kottaram area. Through the e-mail service in the city, postal customers can access services based on complaint registration, complaint status and complaint guidelines.

Kottaram Dak Ghar provides postal services for the delivery of mail and parcels, transfers, banking, insurance and retail services. Kottaram Post Office is located in Kottaram, Agastheeswaram, Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu State.

The post office is part of the Kanniyakumari Post Department of Tamilnadu County. Kottaram Post Office has a facility called PO Dak Ghar, which is responsible for sorting, processing and delivering mail to recipients.

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Village Kottaram history and Geography

Kottaram is a village in the Kanyakumari district of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The Kingdom of Travancore was ruled from 1729 to 1949 as part of southwest India and existed from the late 18th century as a vassal state of the British Raj.

In 1947, when India became independent of the British, on 15 August of that year Sri Vallabhai Pattel initiated partition of India into States and each state was divided according to the regional language into districts, on November 1, 1956 Kottaram became part of the newly independent Tamil Nadu.

The Kingdom of Travancore comprised large parts of what is now Kerala and parts of Tamil Nadu and was one of the most prosperous principalities on the subcontinent. Rama Verma, the then king of Kochi, forcibly supplanted rival kings and made Thrupunithura his royal seat.

In the town of Panchayat in Kottaram, the ratio of children to adults is 10.26, compared with an average of 9.43 in Tamil Nadu state. In the city, the literacy rate is 93.64% for men and 90.97% for women. In the city, the proportion of women is 101.2, with a national average of 9.96.

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Tourist Places

If you are open-minded enough to consider luxury, the sense of extravagance you will experience here is unique, and you are unlikely to experience it anywhere else. You can visit

Like other CGH Earth retreats, sustainability and responsible tourism form the core spirit of Chittoor Kottaram. All staff are local, all products used in the retreat are organic and local and single-use plastics are avoided. The group is involved in a wide variety of initiatives in southern India, ranging from heritage and conservation to community art and culture. The CGH Earth Experience is something that the retreat group at the resort itself has taken over.

The wooden ceilings, the original floor tiles, the stained glass and the painting have been carefully restored to offer the occupants an authentic palace experience like centuries ago.

There are two bedrooms on the ground floor and one on the first floor with a living room attached to it. The kitchen counter consists of a polished granite top with a single bowl and drainage basin (Franken-Nirali equivalent) and a ceramic top with a height of 60 cm. Intimate villa with three bedrooms for six people.

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