Collection of 43 Lust quotes and captions

Below, you will find a compilation of motivational, insightful, and encouraging quotes about wanting, wishes spoken, and wishes spoken. Check here for top lust and desires quotes to guide you on how desires function in our lives, and the part they play in our lives. Here are the best quotes on desire that can be read by the famous personalities which are sure to give you an inspiration.

Some of the worlds most successful people have shared their thoughts about desire for success in these quotes. May these quotes on the desire provide you with valuable tips for getting what you want instead of just dreaming of it. As some of these quotes about desire indicate, desire may have its drawbacks.

43 Lust quotes

Lust is the difference between loving someone and loving someone. It is said, “Love can always wait to be given, but desire can never wait to receive. “

The more lustful we are, the less we find true romantic love.

If there is lust there is love for life, without love there is no lust.

There is a great power in the renunciation of power that those blinded by the lust for domination cannot understand why true lovers do not desire power.

If the world is ever destroyed, it will be because of desire, because of the thirst for pleasure and self-satisfaction, because of the greed of green frog skin, because of people who are self-aware, forgetting about the desires of others.

A man can be cured of his lust, but a fool can never be cured of his greed.

lust quotes and captions

At the heart of the tragedy lies the impotence of man in the face of disease, war and death; at the heart of the play is the impotence of a person in the face of vanity (the vanity of love, greed, lust, power).

Lust quotes

Oh, Jesus loves the pretty names that men give each other to hide their greed and risk-taking.

Apsaras are nymphs of desires and desires that cannot be born without love.

Desires captions and sayings

Desires can take many forms, such as the desire for knowledge, the desire for power, and of course the desire for sex.

Desire is to other passions what nerve fluid is to life; she supports and empowers them all, and all ambition, cruelty, greed, vengeance, is based on lust.

The passion of lust will be served; demands, fights, tyrannizes.

You fall in love with what your eyes see and you fall in love with what your heart sees.

Do not desire her beauty in your heart and do not allow yourself to be enchanted by her eyes, for the harlot turns you into bread and the adulteress plunders your own life.

Lust is temporary, romance can be sweet, but love is everything.

Lust quotes

If we accept that the love of praise is a sin, that the desire to be known and appreciated by others is not just a stupid assignment … but perhaps evidence that the heart is focused on the wrong things, our marriages will change.

Feelings that we identify with love – feeling unwell, feeling insecure, refusing to eat – just lust gets in the way.

The cause of all these evils was the lust for power, arising from greed and ambition; and out of these passions flowed the violence of the parties once involved in the controversy.

Desire captions and sayings

Weak desires produce weak results, much as small amounts of fire produce little heat.

Because desires are feelings that we act upon, they may affect our behaviors in ways that have negative effects on our decision-making abilities.

Desire is the human emotion that drives an individual to get something, or the powerful sense of wanting something, or of wanting to have something, happen.

A strong mental state of wanting something and wanting it to happen is what we refer to as a desire.

Unlike a weak desire, which makes you want to do something, a need requires that you act.

Lust quotes

Ignore a persons desires, and you are ignoring the very source of their strength.

To make a man happy, do not add to his wealth, but detract from his desires.

The object of a mans desires is not merely to be enjoyed once, for one moment in time; but to secure permanently, a route for his future desires.

When a persons desire is powerful, whatever it is that he wishes to attain, he will not rest until it is attained.

Lust quotes and captions

According to Napoleon Hill, the drive that motivates man to accomplish anything is desire, which is the starting point for all accomplishments.

Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, not a wish, but an intense, pulse-pounding desire which is beyond everything.

You can become whatever you wish, accomplish whatever you set your mind to, as long as you keep this desire single-mindedly.

There is a single quality which a person must have in order to triumph, and it is definiteness of purpose, knowing what it is one wants, and having the burning desire to have it.

Lust quotes

It is one thing to want, it is quite another thing to have capacities suitable for the things that we want.

When you are sufficiently desirous, it can seem as though you have a superhuman power for achievement.

When your vibration is in alignment with your desires, everything in your experience will gravitate toward meeting this alignment each and every time.

Imagine this as you would like, to have your vibration be a match to your desire.

To summon the desire, nurture it, cultivate it, take it to its full flowering, stir it, fulfill it, is an entire poetry in its own right.

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Intimacy quotes

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Intimacy is nice, staying committed is nice, but love is a fundamental need.

Knowing that intimateness, in relationships, be it physical or emotional, is what keeps the flames of love burning long after the initial blazes of lust and enamoredness are gone.

You need to give more credit to love – if someone finds only physical intimacy with a significant other, perhaps this bonding and these feelings need to be re-examined.

Lust quotes

If you love someone and live your entire life with them or with them, there is going to be more affinity, more profound disclosures of love that are going to come your way.

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