80 Favoritism Quotes and Status: Partiality Sucks

Here are a 80 Favoritism Quotes and Status which are sure to get your mind thinking. Here are some famous quotes on workplace favoritism that will make you think if practicing favoritism is wrong or right.

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80 Favoritism Quotes and Status

“We need to trust that we will always put the good of the community ahead of our personal interests, and that we will always prefer justice to favoritism.”

You see kids, each one believes that he or she is the parents favorite, believing the parents.

At home, we see a lot of times if there are two siblings, usually the younger is going to become their parents favorites.

If you asked me who is my favorite child — my son or daughter — then I would say my dogs.

I love my kids, period, and they are all, to varying degrees, your favorites.

Playing favorites is one of the most destructive problems of any group of people.

We are a disservice to society, as others look up to those whom we like and favor, and are copied by them.

Believers who opt for favoritism will do an awful disservice in building relationships of mutual trust & true respect for one another.

When Favoritism is shown towards one individual, it is obvious that the other individual feels neglected, which would lead to frustration & despair.

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Usually, it is leaders that are overtly showing favoritism, usually showing little regard to those with whom they are working.

Favoritism exists at every level of government, public and private.

Favoritism Quotes and Status

“As much as we are in love with the image of societal morality, a God who is not concerned about anything except worship, and is partial to his own personal favorites, we are missing the crucial ingredient of greatness.”

Treat everyone the same, like sunshine for all.
Favoritism isn’t good; it’s like a shadow on being equal.
In kindness, favoritism is like a bad plant.
When everyone’s treated the same, friendships get strong.
Like rain helps plants, being fair helps relationships.
Being kind doesn’t care about colors; favoritism does.
Playing fair makes everything work well.
Every part is important in being fair.

Favoritism Quotes and Status

“In life, we exhibit favoritism, preferring rich people to poor people, treating others differently due to wrong judgments, one race to another, one sex to another, a persons status in a workplace or a church to someone elses, when picking sides.”

Favoritism is like a mark on fairness.
Good hearts don’t pick favorites.
Being fair is like having a garden of respect.
Equality is like a song; favoritism is a problem.
Starting things fairly makes for a happy ending.
Favoritism is like a fence; being equal is like an open field.
Equality is like a song; it makes everything sound good.
Favoritism makes things unclear; being equal is like clear skies.

Favoritism Quotes and Status

“If one is to possess the strength and pleasure of ones own sexuality, the universality of the instincts must be resolved into responsible relationships with specific individuals.”

Life is like a dance; fairness is like the lead.
Starting fairly is like having a smooth journey.
Being kind doesn’t pick favorites; it includes everyone.
Equality is like the heartbeat of a fair society.
Favoritism is like a broken compass; fairness points the right way.
In being fair, everyone gets to wear a crown.
Fairness warms the heart like a quilt of kindness.
Favoritism makes the road bumpy; being equal is like a smooth highway.

Favoritism Quotes and Status

“Death is the one sovereign that no partiality can distort, and no price will corrupt. Death strips the rich of their millions, and the poor of their pennies… Death knows no bounds to age, nor any partialities to love.”

The fairest paths lead to the best places.
Equality is like the bridge to understanding.
Favoritism closes doors; equality invites everyone.
In respecting others, fairness is like the water of life.
A level field is like having the best game.
Being kind includes everyone with open arms, not just favorites.
Equality is like the foundation of a fair society.
Favoritism is like a storm; fairness is like a calm sea.

Favoritism Quotes and Status

“They have not told a single falsehood, or small fabrication, or biased truth, or outright false assertion. Partial truths, or half-truths, are usually more devious than outright lies.”

Fairness guides us forward like a steady hand.
A fair heart is like a heartbeat for all people.
Favoritism is like a tangled web; equality is like a clear path.
Equality is like a compass pointing to justice.
A fair start makes things equal for everyone.
Favoritism is like a thorn; equality is like a blooming rose.
In life’s orchestra, fairness conducts the music.
A fair world is like a world full of possibilities.

Partiality Captions and Status

Do not get too far down into it.. Read about partiality captions, and challenge a culture of favoritism. Enjoy reading and sharing with all 64 of these famous quotes on partiality. Anything which shows that the kings and princes, not in a position to be allowed, by their large armies, all things in their own ways, the kings and princes, are in theirs, is of a kind which is such an excellent instance, without any well-meaning Frenchman, he cannot fail to rejoice at, and, you know, I am naturally partial to those whom some call rebels.

Discount my partiality, but my report is that the winds of war seem to be looking well at this time.

In a fair world, everyone shines.

Half-truths are the worst type of lies, since they can be justified by being biased.

No man is made to know truth, all truth, and nothing but the truth; and the best man should also content himself with pieces, partial glimmers, and never full fulfillment.

One cannot exercise or realize his love for women, or humanity, or indeed all women, or men, that he is attracted to.

A fair mind is like a light in the dark.

We are therefore back to the paradox that the whole of the individual can only be realized through a responsible adoption of ones own partiality.

We can make ourselves whole only by accepting our partiality, by living within our limits, by being human rather than trying to become divine.

Making fair choices is a win for everyone.

I never want to live in part, suffering through sickness or injury.

True liberty is not limited by partiality, nor favoritism of one to another.

In the realm of grace, partiality, as critics typically employ the term, is unthinkable.

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Partiality Captions and Status

“All experience has taught that, whenever a large state institution is established, with large numbers of officials employed, that the public should reconcile itself to supporting many incompetent men; because so much favoritism and nepotism is ever present in the wards of those institutions, that certain incompetent men are invariably admitted, at the expense of many of the meritorious.”

Love for, or inclination toward, anything or anyone is characterised as partiality.

What is usually called impartiality can just mean non-interference, and what is usually called partiality can just mean a psychological action.

Partiality may exist only within the realm of justice, in which those concerned have particular claims and rights.

Partiality is unfortunate for the parents; because of fondling, there is a danger that they will become swindlers.

In a family, one frequently observes that, where two brothers are present, the younger is usually favored by his parents.

Being fair builds trust.

It is horrifyingly evident now that getting more attention is not necessarily favoritism.

Before I die, I hope I become someone’s favorite hideaway, a place where they can place whatever they know they need to survive, each secret, each lonesome moment, each tense prayer, absolutely sure that I will keep them safe.

Fairness keeps us together.

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