Widow Marriage in Hinduism Scriptures – Facts and Proofs

Widow Marriage in Hinduism?

Is Hinduism patriarchal?, and does it allow widow marriage. Yes Hinduism allow widow marriage, Here are the proofs from Scriptures. These shlokas are mentioned in Rigveda, Atharvaveda, Manu smriti and other Hindu sacred scriptures and after reading this article you will have a solid proof and fact so that you can shut the mouth of all people who claim that widow marriage in Hinduism is not applicable or Hinduism is a patriarchal. Well here are the proofs so enjoy reading.

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Widow Marriage in Hinduism – Atharva Veda

  • Atharva Veda( 9,5,27)
    Sanskrit Transcription
    या पूर्वं पतिं वित्त्वाऽथान्यं विन्दतेऽपरम् ।
    पञ्चौदनं च तावजं ददातो न वि योषतः ।।

yā pūrvaṃ patiṃ vittvā’thānyaṃ vindate’param
pañcaudanaṃ ca tāvajaṃ dadāto na vi yoṣataḥ

A woman who marries another man after death of husband should do Panchaudana Yajna. This mantra clearly talks about re-marriage of widow

widow marriage in Hinduism
Widow Marriage in Hinduism
  • Atharva Veda(9.5.28)
    Sanskrit Transcription
    समानलोको भवति पुनर्भुवापरः पतिः ।
    योऽजं पञ्चौदनं दक्षिणाज्योतिषं ददाति ।।

samānaloko bhavati punarbhuvāparaḥ patiḥ
yo’jaṃ pañcaudanaṃ dakṣiṇājyotiṣaṃ dadāti

This mantra says the woman and new husband are of the same level as her previous husband.

Widow marriage shloka in Atharvaveda proof.

Widow Remarriage Shloka – Rigveda

  • Rigveda 10,40,2
    Sanskrit Transcription
    कुह स्विद्दोषा कुह वस्तोरश्विना कुहाभिपित्वं करतः कुहोषतुः ।
    को वां शयुत्रा विधवेव देवरं मर्यं न योषा कृणुते सधस्थ आ ।।

kuha sviddoṣā kuha vastoraśvinā kuhābhipitvaṃ karataḥ kuhoṣatuḥ
ko vāṃ śayutrā vidhaveva devaraṃ maryaṃ na yoṣā kṛṇute sadhastha ā

It talks about a widow choosing a second man.
I have to clarify one thing here, word used in mantra is “Devar” it DOES NOT mean brother of husband here, Nirukta (3/15) clearly says Devar means “Second Husband” in Vedas (in Vedic Sanskrit)

Rigveda 10,85,40-41 Talks about 1st Husband being Soma dev, 2nd being Gandharva, 3rd being Agni dev and 4th being Manushya.
So even in devtas Remarriage exist. So Vedas clearly allow Remarriage of widows.

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Widow marriage shloka in Rigveda proof.

Widow Marriage in Smriti Text – Hinduism

  • Parashara Smriti (4.30)
    Sanskrit Transcript
    नष्टे मृते प्रव्रजिते क्लीबे च पतिते पतौ ।
    पञ्चस्वापत्सु नारीणां पतिरन्यो विधीयते।।

naṣṭe mṛte pravrajite klībe ca patite patau ।
pañcasvāpatsu nārīṇāṃ patiranyo vidhīyate।।

It says there are 5 cases when a woman can remarry.
Husband is dead, became Sanyasi, became impotent, fell from Dharma, or ran away.

  • Manusmriti 9.76 says –
    Sanskrit Transcript
    प्रोषितो धर्मकार्यार्थं प्रतीक्ष्योऽष्टौ नरः समाः ।
    विद्यार्थं षड्यशोऽर्थं वा कामार्थं त्रींस्तु वत्सरान् ।।

proṣito dharmakāryārthaṃ pratīkṣyo’ṣṭau naraḥ samāḥ
vidyārthaṃ ṣaḍyaśo’rthaṃ vā kāmārthaṃ trīṃstu vatsarān

Women should wait for the different time periods (as mentioned for different purposes). After that, they can choose another man.

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Widow marriage shloka in Rigveda proof.

Widow marriage shloka in Manusmriti proof.

Can a widow remarry in Hinduism?

Yes, I already mentioned some rock solid proofs above and you can re check all shlokas that I mentioned above. There is no religious restriction for widow marriage in Hinduism and widows can remarry in Santana Dharma.

Are Hindu widows allowed to remarry?

Yes, Hindu widows allowed to remarry whom they want. There is no debate in this topic. Well if someone has doubt than please read what I mentioned above or Atharva Veda( 9,5,27), (9.5.28), Rigveda (10,40,2), Rigveda 10,85,40-41, Parashara Smriti (4.30), and Manusmriti 9.76 clearly says that widow can remarry in Hinduism.

Here you find some solid proofs that widow re-marriage is allowed in Hinduism from the ancient time and Hinduism was the most advanced civilization of the world. If you love my work so please do read my nainam chindanti shastrani article.

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